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The Dynalite XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter is answering the needs of today’s location photographers, weighing in at only 15lbs., the XP-800 is filled to the brim with power on the go for your studio strobes as well as modern electronic devices.  Purchase an XP-800 from any of our authorized Dynalite Dealers between March 1st – March 31st 2014 and you receive a FREE XP8-Li battery with with your purchase.  Enjoy the power and portability of the Dynalite XP-800 with extra life from the FREE additional battery while saving dollars with this limited time promotion!

Introducing The XP800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

xp800Answering the needs of todays location photographers, Dynalite is pleased to announce the XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Weighing only 15lbs, the XP-800 is filled to the brim with power on the go for your studio strobes as well as modern electronic devices with 3 USB ports.

*See Your Local Authorized Dynalite Dealer For Details

• Pure Sine Wave Inverter

• Weight: 15lbs

• 3 AC Power Outlets

• 3 USB ports for electronic devices

• 1.4 Second Recycle For Full Power with MP800

• Lithium-Ion Battery • Battery Capacity: 12000mAh

• Full Charge achieved in under 3 hours

• Output Power : 750 – 1400w peak

• Output Voltage: 110v/60hz

• Operating Temperature Range: 0-40˚C

Simply China By Dynalite VIP Nancy Brown

My Photographic Journey Through China

First and most important is that I love China and the Chinese people. I have been a photographer for over thirty years and when I stepped off the plane for my first visit to China in 2005 I began my photographic love affair with China and its people.

I wish I had gone to China many years ago. Since my first trip I have been back many times and I hope to go many more. It is heaven for me to be wandering around villages and remote areas of China with my cameras around my neck.

“Simply China” is a collection of my favorite images taken over a period of five years and six trips to China. It is a large (10″ x12.5″) coffee table book with 290 pages of images (after much editing) and my China story.

Hope you enjoy my experiences in China and the images in the unforgettable Chinese colors as much as I did making them.

Nancy Brown has been a commercial photographer for over thirty years specializing in lifestyle and beauty images for advertising agencies, magazines, design firms, book publishers, and pharmaceutical agencies. After working out of her New York studio for thirty years she now works out of her studio in Boca Raton, Florida.

Nancy has had five photography books published and was made a Nikon Legend in 2001. Getty Images is her stock agency.

Since her first visit to China in 2005 (and five trips since), China has become her favorite beauty subject. Nancy says, “Making the images in this book was pure joy and I hope that those who see the images feel the beauty and spirit of China as I do.”

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Going Pro Bootcamp

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If you are a new or aspiring professional photographer and you want help making the transition to full-time pro, or you want to improve your new business, don’t miss the GoingPro Bootcamp – Saturday, February 18, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada.

The GoingPro movement is going strong and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it. Registration opens on Saturday, February 18, 2012 from 8:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. The class starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 5:00 PM at the Hampton Inn just off the famed Las Vegas Strip. Skip Cohen**, Michelle Celentano** and Scott Bourne** will spend the day sharing all their business experience and secrets.

Circle that date – February 18, 2012. Mark it on your calendar. That’s when the GoingPro team will spend a full day helping you get your photography business started. If you’re already in the game, we’ll help you fine-tune what you already have!

We want to give everyone a chance to attend this bootcamp so we’ve worked extra hard to keep our costs low. Tickets are only $99** in advance. The cost will be $129 at the door. (Note seating will be limited. First come, first served. There is no guarantee that there will be seats available on the day of the bootcamp. The $129 tickets will only be available if we do not sell out in advance.)

This bootcamp is NOT about photography, but how to get your photography business started and the steps you need to keep it going. This is about the business and marketing side of photography taught by three well-established industry experts.

The GoingPro bootcamp is designed to help you get what you need to pursue your dream and get your business off the ground. We will help you with ideas on marketing, social media, building your client base, pricing, added value, working on your selling skills and community involvement, just to name a few. We’re going to help you develop that long list of necessities to get yourself established as a professional photographer.

Seating is going to be extremely limited. This is a boutique conference by design. We want to make sure we get time with each of you. We want to make sure that after you attend this business bootcamp you are ready to start work immediately.

If you’re coming into town for WPPI, why not come a day early and jump start your photography business?

Whether you’ve been waiting to get started, recently started your business or you’ve been in business a few years and need help ironing out the rough spots, we can help. The expertise our instructor team shares represents approximately 110 years of cumulative experience as business managers, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, professional photographers and active participants in the photographic industry.

Here’s your chance to pick up new ideas to get your photographic business on solid ground. Better yet, this bootcamp experience will give you the tools to keep it there!

The GoingPro Bootcamp offers very limited seating at an amazingly low price thanks to these fine sponsors:

Powered by:
* Album Epoca
* Animoto
* Adorama
* AsukaBook
* Bay Photo Lab
* Dynalite
* Kubota Image Tools
* Photofocus.com
* Skip’s Photo Network
* Skip’s Summer School
* SmugMug
* 3Exposure.com

The location couldn’t be better. It’s easy to get to. Las Vegas is one of the most accessible and affordable resort destinations in the world. The hotel is on the corner of Dean Martin Drive and Tropicana, across from the famous In-N-Out burger  The conference venue is great. We think we have a great team of instructors and sponsors. Now the only remaining question is…do you want to be great too?

Join other like-minded photographers who are “GoingPro” in Las Vegas on February 18, 2012.


*Scheduled to appear – GoingPro reserves the right to substitute instructors of similar experience in the event of accident, illness or other emergency.

**Plus handling fees. All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds. If you purchase your ticket but cannot come, you may try to sell it to someone else. The physical ticket is required for entry. Please treat it like cash. Your ticket will be emailed to you in the form of a PDF. Please print this out and bring it with you to the conference hotel.


***Michelle Celentano will be teaching with us and her experience is remarkable. She’s been a photographer for twenty-one years and is based in Phoenix. Her work has been published in Rangefinder, American Photographer and Shutterbug, just to name a few. She is a Canon Explorer of Light and actively teaches at various conventions around the U.S. However, it’s not Michelle’s expertise as a photographer that has us excited about her joining us at GoingPro Bootcamp. Michelle’s experience as a business person is incredible along with her ability to be completely open on the good and bad things she did when first getting started and again when she moved her business to Phoenix. Her marketing skills are outstanding and she’s constantly looking for ways to reinvent herself in the Arizona market. She’ll be sharing ideas on building client relationships, diversity in your skill set and marketing yourself so that your work is about the experience and an investment by your clients, not just getting their portrait done. And the most fun quality of working with Michelle is her honesty. We can promise you a completely candid discussion on virtually any topic related to going pro! With over twenty one years in business, Michelle has virtually done it all – here’s your chance to benefit from her experience as your start to develop your own business strategy.

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Dynalite Helps Light New York Mets Team Portrait

Every year Dynalite has the privilege to assist New York Mets photographers in lighting up the official team portrait.  Below are some candid images from the center of Citi Field where the portrait was taken.  To light up the New York Mets 2011 roster, Dynalite used Rime Lite Grand Softboxes as well as other light modifiers mounted on our AH400 and SH2000 flash heads which were powered by the SP1600 power packs with built-in PocketWizard™​ wireless technology.

Vincent Ricardel

I have been using Dynalite for eight years. Never once has it let me down. Much of my work is produced on location, which means my equipment is subject to baggage handlers and the elements. During the production of my book, Archtop Guitars, I relied almost exclusively on the 1000ws power supplies and 2040 heads. They’re compact, sturdy and reliable. This is one lighting system that offers peace of mind. Thank you Dynalite for being there when it counts!” – Vincent Ricardel


Vincent Ricardel has enjoyed a 20-plus year career specializing in editorial and advertising photography.  He is well-known as a portrait photographer and excels at capturing the essence of his subjects within their surroundings.   Some of his subjects include Kevin Bacon, Dr Oz, Sandra Bernhard, Mikhail Gorbachev, The Dalai Lama and Calvin Klein. His work has been in numerous publications and advertisements in Time, USA Weekend, Business Week, Esquire, Charles Schwab, HSBC, Twinlab, American Express Publishing, The New York Times, and the Washingtonian.

Vincent is the recipient of the GRAPHIS “100 Best in Photography” award for 2011. He is also the recipient of the 2010 Society of Professional Journalists first and second place awards for magazine photojournalism. Ricardel has recently completed an art book titled, “Archtop Guitars: The Journey From Cremona to New York”, featuring the archtop guitars made by the Italian-American luthiers of New York and portraits of musicians who play and appreciate the craftsmanship of these instruments.  An image from this book graced the cover of the Nikon World Magazine and several others are featured at the 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition- Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen From Italy To New York. See more about Vincent’s “Guitar Heroes” project on the Nikon website!

He has also produced the images for the book Figure It Out, The Real Womens Guide to Great Style and recently completed the photography for a new book titled Glass Houses with designer Marc Rosen.  Vincent is on the faculty at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University and has a BA degree in political science from American University. Vincent resides in Alexandria, Virginia and splits his time between Alexandria, VA and New York City.

See more of Vincent’s work including another new book commissioned by perfume bottle designer Marc Rosen titled: “Glamour Icons” which is due on book shelves in October 2011.



Suzette Troche-Stapp judging “Digital Concept. Digital Construct.”

A photographer since the age of sixteen, Suzette Troche-Stapp has been working in digital imaging since its inception in the 1980′s. Recognized throughout the industry, Suzette is one of the “Top 40 Photoshop Experts” in the world today and has been awarded the “Guru Award” for excellence in Photoshop by NAPP, and nominated for the “Photoshop Hall Of Fame.”  Her images are seen in national ad campaigns, editorial beauty and fashion features, and her celebrity images have been broadcast to millions on shows like “The View”, “The Late Show”, and “Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D-List”.  Troche-Stapp is also a workshop facilitator and author, offering tutorials, several published articles and an award-winning book “The Glitterguru on Photoshop:  from Concept to Cool.”  We are so pleased to have Suzette Troche-Stapp’s digital expertise and commercial experience as Juror for “Digital Concept.Digital Construct.”

Click to submit for Vermont Photo Space’s “Digital Concept. Digital Construct.” contest

See more of Suzette’s work here.


“Lincoln Lawyer” shot with Dynalite

Click to see how the shot was done

Recently photographer Jay Clendenin photographed Michael Connely (author of the film “The Lincoln Lawyer”) for the L.A. Times Calendar section along with the film’s star Matthew McConaughey in the garage of the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles.  Click the image above to see the full article on the LA Times website by Kathy Pyon about the shoot and how Jay explains how is Dynalite strobes helped make the image.

Jay Clendenin is a Los Angeles based photographer with more than 12 years of experience navigating the star-studded world of Hollywood, the political intrigue of Washington, D.C., and all spectrums of society between the east and west coasts.  Jay’s signature documentary style and intimate portraiture for the L.A. Times, Time, Newsweek, People, and countless other national and international publications have been widely recognized by Communication Arts, NPPA, WHNPA, and POYi.


Lighting Intensive Workshop with Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is an award-winning portrait and fashion photographer is an international photographer based out of New York City.  Her work has appeared in dozens of publications and is a regular contributor to publications such as Popular Photography, Shutterbug, and Professional Photographer Magazine, Sublime, MindFood and many more.

Light is one of the most powerful tools in photography, and outstanding lighting helps create outstanding imagery.  A knowledge of the tools and options of studio lighting can open up entire new worlds of creativity and possibility for the photographer.  This hands on studio lighting workshop students will receive instruction on how they can use a variety of lighting setups to shape a scene and create striking effects.

Students will then have an opportunity to work in small groups (3-4) at their own lighting station to practice the lighting techniques they have learned. Using mini-assignments and practice time, students will have an opportunity to learn how to control lighting to achieve certain desired effects.

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