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Bryan Niven

Bryan Niven

Dynalite is the only portable studio setup I know of that fits completely in the overhead bins on a commercial flight, while at the same time never compromising the quality or quantity of light, whether in the studio or on location. I might be shooting in the city one day and in the middle of the dessert the next, and Dynalite gives me the added freedom and flexibility that my productions require.

Since the early age of 5, Bryan Niven has been creating artistic, illustrative-imagery that continues to push the limits of reality as we know it. His artistic photography was recently labeled as ‘The American dream in technicolour’ by Digital Photographer magazine in London.

Bryan’s work  has graced magazine covers, billboards, and feature stories, both in and outside the country. Among other subjects, Niven has photographed multi-Grammy award winning Jazz artists such as Jeff Coffin and Dave Samuels. He has also captured the rich personalities of Rancid drummer Brandon Steineckert, and more recently The Daily Show’s Mo Rocca.

Having amassed a huge following throughout the world, Bryan’s images are constantly in the ‘cyber spotlight’. Whether it is the creations themselves, or the speculated processes Niven uses, the bandwidth for these creative forums, blogs, and other types of message boards is simply overwhelmed. Fans are increasingly desperate to decipher the young artist’s ‘secret’.

Niven is a commercial photographer specializing in Photo-Illustration, and now, with over twenty combined years of experience in traditional art, including both film and digital photography, he has recently –by popular demand and his own desire — expanded  his client base to consumers!

Combining his vast knowledge of traditional art and photography, Bryan has created a look all his own.  His incredible attention to detail, and his oxymoronic outlook on life, screams to the world as a 21st Century Norman Rockwell, and beyond.  His surrealistic and illustrative presence is overwhelmingly clear as he continues to captivate some of the most powerfully creative companies and personalities in the world.

Being a true artist at heart, Bryan enjoys the added freedom of working on what he calls “REALITY SHOOT’S”. Based on the very same look and style that first captured the attention of creative giant, Apple, (for whom Bryan was asked to speak in their flagship store in New York City), these reality shoots bring a whole new look and feel to the world of photography!

Niven explains that the desire to start REALITYSHOOT.COM stemmed from his early childhood. Being frustrated that most of the photographs of Bryan and his family showed so little of who they really were growing up, he decided to combine his polished illustrative style of photography, with the “reality” of peoples lives. This combination of art and photography, along with Bryan’s keen ability and sincere desire to tell a story, has resulted in a subtle-textured, color-saturated explosion of portraiture that now adopts its parent commercial description, of “Impossibly Real”.

To see more of Bryan’s work you can visit several of his websites, such as, and his blog