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Rob Van Petten

Rob Van Petten

“For an image to be successful, the mood must support the moment. Set the stage, and create that mood with the lighting.”

“Having distinctive lighting is about finding a finer degree of finesse. A little bit more contrast here, a little bit deeper there, keep refining, until suddenly you have found that magic factor. The dynamics of light and shadow move the readers eye exactly where you intended it. The lights are a fluid part of the process – continually being adjusted as the shot evolves. The 2040 heads are so light and simple, that adjustment is effortless. Having radio-sync built in was a brilliant stroke. The smaller 500 watt second packs have become my standard, since going all digital. I require less power and I have the advantage of faster re-cycle.

Dynalites have a clean comprehendible control system. Compact, fast, functional and a Variator too. They are durable enough for the hard road. They are consistent enough that printers have called saying ‘Whatever you’re doing, don’t change it.’ They are light enough that I can appear very generous and offer to carry the lights..”

Rob Van Petten had every intention of becoming a famous rock guitar player. Somewhere along the way he began taking pictures of rock bands and got more work shooting pictures than playing his guitar. Then 35 years went by.

Now Rob shoots fashionable pictures for advertising and editorials. Guitar music still plays continuously in the background. Metal textures, modern architecture and cosmic lighting contribute to the effects in these digitally manipulated images. The use of light energizes the images beyond just illuminating the scene.

Rob’s current portfolio, Near Future, is a colorful collection of fantasy illustrations — cosmic comix. These pictures tell a short story of whimsical future fiction. The toys are high tech. The action is fun and fashionable. The moment is when the techno and the trendy merge.

Rob Van Petten grew up in a Navy family and traveled extensively. He began documenting his families travels in Japan at age 10. At 12 he borrowed his father’s Nikonand never gave it back. He is convinced that the power of photographs is a force to implement global cultural tolerance.

Rob received a photojournalism degree from Boston University School of Communicationand was photo editor of the BU News.

He had an early introduction to the digital world, developing marketing images for Data General, Digital Equipment, NEC, and other computer giants. He produced annual reports for Gillette, and General Electric for several years. He helped build brand identities for Reebok, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Etonic, Robert Mondavi, Ray Ban, Rockport, Levis, Converse, Bose, Kodak and Polaroid. Rob has travelled worldwide shooting fashion catalogs for clients including Talbots, Carroll Reed, and Johnny Appleseed, Garnet Hill, Bob’s Stores and Foot Locker. He has recently shot a series of large format print images for Proctor & Gamble., shot a website for Reebok, and a series of images for Nikon’s new D3X camera.

Rob has won numerous Communications Arts, Art Directors Club and Andy Awards over the past 30 years. With a shift toward the internet, his website has won the FWA Award, the TINY Award and Yahoo’s Favorite Site. He has been featured in Photo District News, American Photo, Petersen’s Photographic, Studio Photography & Design, and Digital Photo Pro. He has endorsements with several equipment manufacturers including Nikon andDyna-lite. He is currently the host of Big Shot Workshops.

Rob speaks regularly on digital imaging topics for the Mentor Series, at the Photo Plus Expo and PMA. Recently his articles have appeared in Nikon World, Nikon Pro, Kodak Pro Pass and Digital Photo Pro.

He believes that the digital desktop is the global melting pot. The internet is the modern messenger of truth and tolerance. He believes that molecular formulas hold the key to good fashion accessorizing. Rob’s images lead us to a safer more whimsical vision of the future where modern is amusing and the future is more fun.

Ellen Denuto

Ellen Denuto


My unique and varied creative background began as a child who asked the universe to show her everything there was in the world. Never really able to express myself through other mediums, that world opened when I picked up a camera and it became my constant trusted friend. Now I could capture the concrete and invisible subtleties I sensed but could not put into words.

My mother recognizing my talent or direction for this different child, entered me into a relatively major juried exhibition where I won Best In Show. It was then that I realized that what I did mattered.
After studying Art and Education in college, I went on to represent and have professional affiliations with the Minolta, Agfa and Ilford Corporations, as guest Speaker and contributing photographer for their product publications and trade shows.

I have used Dynalite products since they were introduced to the photography market.  The small power packs and daylight balanced modeling light were just what I needed when shooting fashion on location.  I still have my original power pack, and use it with the additional packs, heads, and beauty dishes.”

An original contributor for The Image Bank – founder Larry Freed selected abody of my personal images at to be part of his International Collection which led to assignments with Japanese agents and publishers, as well as worldwide exposure. An exhibition at The Lever House Gallery in NYC won a review from Fred McDarrah of the Village Voice naming me “A brilliant punk fashion
photographer to watch”.

This caught the attention of city Art Directors and soon I was on the pages of magazines such as FOTO, Darkroom Photography, GRAPHIS, Minolta Mirror, Japanese Playboy and the face
of the new generation of photographers in the poster AMERICAN VISION for NYU’s Washington Square Gallery exhibition of the same name. While enjoying commercial success, I stay connected to my artist self through personal projects such as The Artist as Art and The Other America.

Ellen is a regular juror, guest speaker and workshop leader for the American Society of Media Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, Professional Woman

Lisa Sciascia

Lisa Sciascia

Lisa Sciascia has pursued her passion for photography for over 20 years and loves the life that goes along with it. Always excited by the daily challenge of developing an idea into a strong visual concept to a final beautiful image that fulfills needs of her clients with quality images that they want, need, and expect. Forward thinking Lisa and her team always embraces, tests, and master the latest technology.

Lisa grew up in New York and currently divides her time between New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. She enjoys travelling from one job to another to meet with clients. Lisa’s artistic interpretation combined with her distinctions of lighting allow her to create a unique image for each client. Whether its advertising, fashion, beauty, or a celebrity shoot, on location or in studio, Lisa brings her energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and over 20 years experience all while having a fun shoot!

I think I have had my Dynalite’s for more than 15 years and they have remained my main source of lighting. They have been extremely reliable. I love the ability to vary the power in small amounts and that a power pack is light and easy to travel with. – Lisa Sciascia







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Jeremy Saffer

Jeremy Saffer

Jeremy Saffer began making the rounds within the magazine world at the young age of 17, publishing his work on the covers of such varied publications as Metal Maniacs, Hails and Horns, AMP, Outburn and many more. Saffer has blazed his own trail, working with artists, celebrities and models from all across every spectrum. From My Chemical Romance, Jeffree Star, and A Day to Remember, to Megadeth, Alice Cooper, The Misfits, Rob Schneider, and even Gary Busey…all have spent time in front of Jeremy’s watchful eye and steady hand at one point or another.

Jeremy establishes relationships with his subjects; he has earned the trust and respect of his peers via his attention to detail, and an unerring work ethic, which can only result from years of hard work.
Recent years have seen a flurry of activity from the Western Mass native. Whether it’s organizing his own seminars and workshops, releasing his acclaimed Bring the Noise collection of band photography, or adding to the ever-growing collection of record and magazine covers featuring his work. The immediate future holds even more possibility for Jeremy, with an imminent and highly anticipated collection of Corpse Painted Nude photography set to turn the rock photography world on its ear, and even more surprises lurking around the corner.


One thing is certain: whatever does wait for Jeremy Saffer out there in the shadows…odds are pretty good that he’s going to shoot it.

Whether on tour, on location, or around the studio; Dynalite has been my choice of lighting since I first began my career behind a camera. The Jackrabbit kit is the perfect portrait kit; being lightweight, versatile, battery powered and most importantly, rugged.I could be in the dead of winter shooting on a frozen lake, or in the middle of a dessert shooting under a cloudless sky, and the Dynalite kit will never fail to fire, recycle quickly, and provide consistent and perfect lighting, no matter the shooting conditions. Dynalite has proven, time and time again to be the best, never fail lighting, that I can always trust to provide the most consistent and balanced lighting for anything that finds its way in front of my lens. – Jeremy Saffer










Ezequiel De La Rosa

Ezequiel De La Rosa

Ezequiel De La Rosa

Ezequiel De La Rosa was born in Cuba and has lived in New York City for over 20 years. Having lived in Paris and Milan, he has traveled extensively in Europe as well as South America. Collecting a broad range of experience in his travels, the roots of his career in style began as a professional hair and makeup artist working with the illustrious Scavullo, James Moore, Guy Bordain, and Terrance Donovan.

In 1999 having been trained by the finest, De La Rosa started his own venture, picked up a camera and never looked back. Having his finger on the pulse of style has been integral to his success. As a professional photographer his work has been featured in top fashion magazines around the world. Beyond that, his down to earth attitude makes people feel at ease and his ability to interact with a variety of personalities has gained him trust of many celebrities and publicists. Clients appreciate his artistic composition, responsiveness to their special requests and his ability to adapt. His enthusiasm and expertise as well as his traditional photographic technique mixed with state of the art technology keeps his work on the cutting edge.

De La Rosa continues to work as a photographer for major advertising agencies as well as celebrities and editorial magazines. There is no telling how far De La Rosa will go with his venture in photography.


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EZ Studios


Vered Koshlano

Vered Koshlano

Israeli born, Vered Koshlano is a NYC based photographer specializing in beauty and fashion. Her clients include Canon USA, Dentsu advertising agency, Royal Apparel, Nylon, Benzo, Italian Vogue as well as numerous cosmetic, hair salons and apparel designers.

Vered is a self-taught photographer who first became  fascinated with photography at a young age. “I always loved looking at old masters, classical paintings and try to recreate some of that feeling of perfect, ethereal beauty using my lens instead of a paint brush.”

With no formal training, Vered has found trial and error is one of the best ways to learn about photography.

“Go out and experiment, see what works and what doesn’t. Train your eyes to capture the story your brain wants to tell.”  With this, Dynalite has helped the image in Vered’s brain come to life in front of her camera.

Shooting almost exclusively in her studio in NYC Vered put various strobe equipment through the same trial and error she put herself through when learning photography, in the end Dynalite stood apart from the rest.

“The power packs are so rugged and compact and with fast recycle times I could focus on directing the models instead of counting the seconds.”  A “typical” shoot can range from in her studio with 1 light to across the country with a multiple light setup according to Vered.“The power packs and flash heads are very compact and durable which is perfect for me.  A few years ago I had to fly across the country to photograph the Canon Print Masters  and my Dynalite equipment came along and got the job done when I needed it most.”


Vered Koshlano has experience on both sides of the camera. Combining her experience as an actress with her technical expertise, she specializes in fashion, beauty, and glamour studio shots. She has been a featured instructor at the Lepp Institute of Photography and is a regular fixture in Canons Photo Shows.