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Vincent Ricardel

Vincent Ricardel

I have been using Dynalite for eight years. Never once has it let me down. Much of my work is produced on location, which means my equipment is subject to baggage handlers and the elements. During the production of my book, Archtop Guitars, I relied almost exclusively on the 1000ws power supplies and 2040 heads. They’re compact, sturdy and reliable. This is one lighting system that offers peace of mind. Thank you Dynalite for being there when it counts!” – Vincent Ricardel


Vincent Ricardel has enjoyed a 20-plus year career specializing in editorial and advertising photography.  He is well-known as a portrait photographer and excels at capturing the essence of his subjects within their surroundings.   Some of his subjects include Kevin Bacon, Dr Oz, Sandra Bernhard, Mikhail Gorbachev, The Dalai Lama and Calvin Klein. His work has been in numerous publications and advertisements in Time, USA Weekend, Business Week, Esquire, Charles Schwab, HSBC, Twinlab, American Express Publishing, The New York Times, and the Washingtonian.

Vincent is the recipient of the GRAPHIS “100 Best in Photography” award for 2011. He is also the recipient of the 2010 Society of Professional Journalists first and second place awards for magazine photojournalism. Ricardel has recently completed an art book titled, “Archtop Guitars: The Journey From Cremona to New York”, featuring the archtop guitars made by the Italian-American luthiers of New York and portraits of musicians who play and appreciate the craftsmanship of these instruments.  An image from this book graced the cover of the Nikon World Magazine and several others are featured at the 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition- Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen From Italy To New York. See more about Vincent’s “Guitar Heroes” project on the Nikon website!

He has also produced the images for the book Figure It Out, The Real Womens Guide to Great Style and recently completed the photography for a new book titled Glass Houses with designer Marc Rosen.  Vincent is on the faculty at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University and has a BA degree in political science from American University. Vincent resides in Alexandria, Virginia and splits his time between Alexandria, VA and New York City.

See more of Vincent’s work including another new book commissioned by perfume bottle designer Marc Rosen titled: “Glamour Icons” which is due on book shelves in October 2011.



Manny Cabo

Manny Cabo

“I’m a commercial and fashion photographer who enjoys capturing images that pop and tell my story with peak moments.  Most of my work is predominately shot on location and the Dynalite Uni400 is my strobe of choice.  It’s robust design, compact ability and consistent temperature output always delivers.  Over the years I’ve used all the major strobes out there but my affinity for the Dynalite system speaks volumes.  In the studio or out in a dingy dark alley with some new up and coming artist, my Dynalite’s always perform in a dependable manner providing results that are consistent and accurate which makes both myself and my clients very happy when I see the images.  My creed has always been to exceed the expectations of my clients and with the help of my Dynalite strobe equipment I can boldly uphold this statement with the utmost confidence.” -Manny Cabo

New Jersey based photographer Manny Cabo has been capturing his timeless visions since the age of 17 after his dad gave him his first 35mm camera…the rest is history.  Cabo graduated Seton Hall University with an Audio and visual communications degree.  During his 4 year tenure he was awarded the first ever student gallery in the schools 100 year history and became president of the Seton Hall Film Association which he inaugurated in the spring of 1993.   In the spring of 97 Cabo managed one of New York’s premier photo studios 5th & Sunset where he had the privilege of working with and witnessing the artistry of the world’s best photographers including Tom Jackson, David Lachepelle and Jerry Avenaim  to name just a few.

Cabo’s works have graced the pages of numerous newspapers and magazines alike.  Manny is an Aperture software certified trainer and spends a significant amount of time putting on workflow seminars along with on location Editorial, Commercial and figure studies lighting techniques preferring dynamite exclusively for their versatility, efficiency and above all compact ability.   Cabo’s portfolio is a testament to his undeniable photographic range.  His affinity and appreciation for the female form allows him to seamlessly wed his rigorous aesthetics of composition and style with the innate and spontaneous beauty of his subjects which can be seen in his first figure studies book  “Belleza” available in winter 2011. Cabo’s talents have stretched beyond his abilities behind the camera and onto the stage as a successful vocalist.  facilitating the bridge between photographer and the visions of his musical clients.

See More Of Manny’s Work

Kevin Ames

Kevin Ames is a commercial photographer immersed in creativity. His photographs have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and on the covers of Professional Photographer, Photoshop User, Jezebel and Atlanta Sports and Fitness magazines. He works for corporate clients including at&t, Carter’s, Honda and Westin Hotels.

Kevin writes “The Digital Photograher’s Notebook” column for Photoshop User magazine. He has authored four books on digital photography including one for the extremely popular “Dummies” series.

He teaches photographic and digital imaging workshops and classes across the United States, Canada and Europe. His studio and home are located in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

David Robin

David Robin

As a Veteran Photographer to the advertising, music and editorial industries I have used Dynalite products for over 25 years.  I find these outstanding strobes to be durable, lightweight and an exceptional value.  My Studio is exclusively outfitted with Dynalite and I would never think of going on location without them in my kit. – David Robin

David Robin is an internationally recognized portrait and beauty photographer to the advertising, music and editorial world.  David’s career has spanned over twenty-five years in which time he has photographed celebrities from Christy Turlington to Ray Charles and created award-winning imagery for the likes of Levi Strauss, Gap, Sony, Coca Cola, American Express, BMG, Blue Note and Polygram Records.

David is best known for his uncanny command of light and his unique ability to convey emotion through his evocative portraits.  His work has won numerous prestigious awards including the New York Art Directors Club Award for his Sony Street Style Campaign and the Western Art Directors Club Award of excellence for his Norwegian Cruise Line Imagery.

In addition to commercial work, Robin pursues self-directed projects that reflect his personal vision.  His personal work has been exhibited at the Steven Amedee Gallery, NYC, Robin Rice Gallery, NYC, Nikon House, NYC, Ansel Adams Center, SF, and the Indigo Gallery, LA.  Besides many private collections his personal work is included in the collections of American Express, Bloomingdales, Grey Worldwide and Levi Strauss.

See more of David’s work on his website

Claire Rosen

Claire Rosen

“I love that I can show up to a shoot wearing 5″ heels and a big dress and still carry all my Dynalite equipment myself! When you have to wrangle animals, children and models (and everything has to be just right) the last thing you want to worry about is your lighting system.” –Claire Rosen

Claire Rosen is a commercial fashion and fine art photographer, video artist and educator.  She loves big dresses, vintage taxidermy and adventures.  Much of her inspiration comes from fairy tales, fables and other children’s stories.  She is drawn both to beauty and darkness as it exists in life, and her images explore this duality. In 2010, Claire’s commercial work has been recognized by Communication Arts Photography Annual, International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie, Sony World Awards, Artists Wanted: Exposure as well as The Art Project: W Magazine. 

Her fine art series has received awards in the self portrait category of the International Photography Awards in 2010 and the Prix de la Photographie in 2009. Claire is currently represented by Verve Gallery, Gallery 51 and Asymmetrick Arts; her fine art work has been exhibited widely and is included in many public and private collections.   She has been featured in Direct Art, Creative Quarterly Journal, Photocine News and The Montclair Times.  Her client list includes Random House Publishing, Neiman Marcus Short Hills, Doubleday Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Mia Magazine, N.E.E.T Magazine, The London Sunday Fashion Times, Bangz Salon & Spa, Alex Randall Bespoke Lighting, Ryan Wilde Millinery, Alex Young and Cora Pearl Underpinnings.

In addition, Claire lectures and teaches courses around the world in photography through the New Jersey Visual Arts Center, Unique University, The Compelling Image, Gulf Photo Plus and NORDphotography. Claire graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006 with a BFA in photography.  See more of Claire’s work and current projects at

Eric Wagner

Eric Wagner

Click here to see more of Eric’s work @

“I had learned a number of lighting systems as a photo assistant but was drawn back to dynalite when choosing a system for my career.  I have used dynalite for nearly 6 years and love every aspect of them.  They are obviously light weight, rugged, and very consistent.  So whether I am on location or in the studio, whether shooting food, fashion or interiors I feel I have the best tools to produce the best images.” – Eric Wagner

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications at Ohio University, where he specialized in photo illustration and photojournalism, Eric Wagner moved to Columbus to start a dynamic career assisting local and national photographers. He spent six years honing his skills and perfecting his style with a high-end commercial studio before breaking away to start his own studio.

Eric Wagner

Illumination, LLC is not just a name, but a fully-equipped studio space in downtown Columbus, featuring a built-in “infinity” wall, state of the art equipment, dressing rooms and in-house editing/retouching services. The word illumination also summarizes Eric’s professional philosophy. His photography is noted for its inspired use of light and the sense that the subject, be it food, architecture, or person, has been enlightened or that some aspect of their character has been revealed by the artist.

Eric’s work with local and national media venues has given him the honor of “illuminating” such public figures as Le Bron James, Drew Lachey, Justin Chambers, Tara Reid, Brandie Malay, Sean Faris, and Brady Quinn. He has also photographed pieces for such national fashion brands as Victoria’s Secret, Limited Brands, Bath and Body Works, Saks Fifth Ave. and Fashion Assassin.

See more of Eric Wagners work below as well as his website