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Suzette Troche-Stapp

“I’m addicted to Dynalites! Why? Because they are highly efficient, compact, and for shooting digital their speed is unmatched. Sometimes the greatest things do come in small packages and that’s why I say ‘Dyna’s are a girls best friend!'”

Suzette Troche-Stapp a.k.a “the glitterguru” is one of the most sought-after photographer/digital artists today. A pioneer in the field of digital art, she has been working with digital imaging since the early 1980’s. In 1995 she co-founded the web-design firm Red Channel Interactive, which was soon widely acclaimed for its visually and technically groundbreaking work.

As an award-winning photographer and digital artist, her vast background has given her a wealth of experience in the intersection of art and technology. Her commercial images are as visually stunning as they are innovative, and she has built a client list that includes such well-recognized names as Hewlett-Packard, Bombshell Studio Make-Up, Vibe Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Brooke Shields, Jenny McCarthy, Kathy Griffin, and others. Here images have been broadcast to millions on shows like “The View” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn”.

In addition to her commercial work Suzette is also an award winning author her book for New Riders Publishing titled “the glitterguru on Photoshop- From Concept to Cool”, just won the coveted Designers Bookshelf Award for-“Most Exciting New Photoshop Book of 2003”

This glitterguru is also Contributing Editor for PEI Magazine. Her column, “Ask the Glitter Guru, Sage Advice For The Photoshop Fiend”, gives advice based on real-world experience about what digital work for advertising entails. Suzette has also contributed to many other publications, including Step by Step Electronic Design, Agosto Design (Japan), Micro Publishing News, Digital Imaging, Photographic Processing, What Digital Camera (U.K.), Digital Imaging (U.K.), Computer Foto (Germany), and Publish. Recognized throughout her industry, Suzette was recently named one of the “Top 40 Photoshop Experts” by Wacom, and was also awarded the 2001 “Guru Award” for excellence in Photoshop design by NAPP.

Chip Simons

I have been using Dynalites for fifteen years. I have four 2000’s, one 1000, and ten heads. They are real work horses, I use them almost every day. They don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they work…and work. I have also recently started using the Comet CBW 2400 and 1200’s for traveling, and I have been using Comet PMT 1200’s since they came out; I can now travel with 5000 watts in one Tenba aircase.” Simons shoots with a variety of equipment, depending on the assignment and the effect he wants to achieve. His cameras range from the rugged Nikon F5 to medium-format Hasselblad and Mamiya, combined with his signature fisheye and wide-angle lenses. His film of choice is Fuji RMS.

Closing comment: “Timothy Leary called me a ‘Shamanistic light dancer,’ most people just call me ‘weird’…as long as they just call me….it’s ok.”

Chip Simons shoots photos that are “conceptual, surreal and humorous,” though not necessarily in that order. “I have to make it fun, otherwise I can’t do it,” he says. Publications such as Men’s Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, Business Week, Bicycling, Details and Family PC have all signed on for some of his zaniness, as have corporations such as Activision, American Express, Apple Computer, Coca-Cola, Comedy Central, Microsoft, Miller beer, Motorola, MTV, Nabisco, Nikon, Reebok, and Seagram’s. FPG International handles his stock sales, which now comprise about a third of his business.

Though primarily a self-taught photographer, Chip received a BA from UNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He began his career in New York and made his name there in the 1980’s, working for Rolling Stone and shooting CD covers for the likes of Branford Marsalis and Cindy Lauper. “I have been taking pictures non stop since I was 15 years old. I think that Dr Seuss, Magritte, Meatyard, Arbus, Hiro, and Guy Bourdin are my favorite image makers. These days I am completely out there, living on a little farm in the Rio Grande valley south of Albuquerque, riding around the forest on my motorcycle with my dogs, taking pictures for people all around the world… everyday.” In keeping with Simons’ sense of playfulness, he often uses “real” people, as opposed to professional models in his images. Dogs are another favorite subject, in fact it was Simons’ colorful “I am a Dog” series of photos that initially brought him notice.

Chip now uses an Imacon flextight scanner for his digital productions: “I never thought that I would go digital, but the scans are so sharp, and the computers are so fast , that I can actually stand to sit there. It’s become a digital darkroom, another tool for creating images: just like a new lens, a light, or film.” “The standing joke around here is that ‘you don’t need to light it…we can fix it later’. It’s the very reason that so much digital photography looks like cheap cut and paste illustration. If you pre-visualize the shot and light it …and every element that you plan to put into it, as if it were really there, then your retouching will be ten times easier and your final image infinitely better. Light makes pictures. We think in light, we feel in color, and we remember in black and white.”

Jack Reznicki

The difference between “Otherlite” and Dynalite” is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning (with apologies to Mark Twain). I’ve been using Dynalites for 20 years, ever since my first days in NYC as an assistant.

The main reason I’ve stayed with them, other than their reliability and size, is those 2040 flash heads. Nothing I’ve found has come close to the evenness of light that comes out of the 2040s. It’s the even light, the lack of a hot spot, that makes them such great heads for light banks, or to use directly at the subject. It’s the closest I’ve experience to my perfect light source, the sun!

Chosen as Studio Magazine’s “Studio of the Year” for 1992, Jack Reznicki is one of the best known and most respected people photographers in the country. A 1976 graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, he opened his New York studio in 1980. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many major companies. In addition, he has also written a book entitled Illustration Photography published by Watson-Guptill. Jack has served as President of the New York chapter and is currently a Winona Trustee and a Board Member of ASMP/NY.

David Mecey

David Mecey began working with Playboy magazine in the fall of 1979, serving as staff photographer and later as Contributing Photographer. During his career at Playboy, David has had numerous solo pictorials including; “The Girls of Texas”, and “Women of Wall Street”. Along with his buddy David Chan, he also worked on all of the college girl pictorials produced since 1980. To date, David has found 20 Playmates of the Month, including PMOY Karen McDougal Miss May 2000, Brooke Berry, Playmates Suzi Schott and Suzi Simpson.

David has also been called on to shoot such celebrities as Michael Keaton, Peter Horton, Robert Palmer, Ray Liotta, Sparky Anderson, Brooke Shields, Linda Carter, Rachel Hunter, Carmen Electra, and Sharon Stone.

In addition, David has been busy with various editorial and advertising assignments from around the world. He was called on to shoot Petersen Publishing’s Sport magazine swimsuit issue for four years, culminating with a broadcast on ESPN, ESPN-2, and PRIME TICKET. David served as its narrator. He also landed an acting stint in a made-for-TV movie titled Posing, which aired on CBS. While working as a technical advisor on the film, David was tapped by the director to play a fictional Playboy photographer.

Living in Los Angeles gives David options to work on many new and exciting projects, such as an ad campaign for a new line of cosmetics, M Professional. He works regularly on various swimsuit and lingerie catalogs, posters, and calendars. David utilizies Apple computers for their powerful retouching and design capabilities when working on the digital side of photography .

Since 1991,David has been a spokesperson/consultant for TAMRON-BRONICA, a manufacturer of cameras and lenses. His duties extend to shooting photographs for ads, consulting on lens quality & design and speaking at trade shows and seminars around the country.

Never one to stay idle, David started a men’s lifestyle magazine in 2000, titled Ego. Currently, David is running a workshop FotoFantasyCamp, to share his technique in the art of photographing beautiful women.

David’s passions also extend to participating in various club and club racing events for the BMW/CCA car club. Besides being a driving instructor for BMW, he also races at various racetracks throughout the Western part of the U.S. David continues to live and work out of Los Angeles, California.

JoAnne Kalish

“Whether I’m on location or in my studio, my choice in electronic flash has been Dynalite and has been for the last 15 years.”

“I find Dynalite strobes to be extremely fast, reliable, and easy to use.”

“I also find Dynalite to be a company that listens the needs of photographers and modifies and updates their equipment accordingly which is very important to me.”

JoAnne Kalish employs the production values of fine Madison Avenue photography to express a vision that comes straight from her own heart…or maybe libido. Sensuality is the topic that has engaged her for some time. “I find it a never-ending theme to be explored,” she says.

“I like to work with models and everyday people placing them in creative relaxation. A man unzipping his jeans, a woman’s fanny in soft-focus pastel posed beside a ripe pear, bring out the sensuous form in both. A bare-breasted woman draped in red running. I find adding movement to my work adds another dimension that I love. In the end the final collaboration with my subjects and where we take an idea, is what I enjoy best. I am now working on creating more of a voice in my photography as a woman,” says Kalish. “I trust my passion for my work.”

Kalish’s artistic touch was recognized by New York Times critic Helen Harrison during her last gallery show at the Artist’s Forum. “Her luscious studies of fruit are particularly effective, especially in their lighting, which emphasizes the sensuous qualities of color and form,” wrote Harrison.

That passion was born at age 18, when Kalish picked up her first camera. She became one of the first women to shoot stories for “Sports Illustrated”: ice hockey, football, women’s basketball and Grand Prix auto racing kept her traveling and shooting around the country. She was hired by the International Olympic Committee to provide photographic coverage of the 1984 Olympic Games.

Having sold pictures to most major international publications (her pictures are published in 20 to 30 countries during any given month), Kalish turned her attention to advertising work and personal projects, including the current sensuality series. Her areas of visual interest include still life, portraiture, travel, lifestyle, fitness and underwater photography. In the advertising realm, she had picked up numerous awards, receiving international acclaim for her Claritin and Sports Authority ad campaigns.

As a host, Kalish traveled with actor Peter Strauss into the jungles of Panama to film an episode of ESPN’s “Canon Photo Safari.” She has led “American Photo/Popular Photography Magazine’s” Mentor Series Workshops, was invited to create a seminar on Sensuality and Beauty at the Palm Beach Workshop, and teams up with Joe DiMaggio to teach the DiMaggio/Kalish International Photo Workshops. To learn more about JoAnne’s teaching schedule go to – JoAnne’s limited edition photographs and posters are available in galleries and on her website at –

She is an associate producer on a recent Discovery Channel special for “Shark Week 2005”– called “The Last Shark Hunter.”

Lynn Goldsmith

I use Dynalites because they are dependable, have a fast recycle, and they’re light enough for me to travel to locations with even when I don’t have assistants. In the past 10 years, I have only had to have my units repaired once and that was because Keith Richards accidentally spilled a bottle of whiskey on one of the power packs! There’s something else I like about Dynalites that may seem unimportant, but what I surround myself with visually has an effect on me: I like the way they look. I like the color of the pack. I like the look of the heads…call me superficial, but I fell in love with them the first time I saw them so many years ago sitting next to some big clunky units. I’m happy to say that this love affair has lasted because my Dynalites have always been good to me.

A portrait photographer and photo journalist, Lynn’s subjects have varied from entertainment personalities to sports stars, from film directors to authors, from the extraordinary to the ordinary man on the street. Her work has appeared on and between the covers of Life, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Us, People, National Geographic, Traveler, etc.

In addition to her editorial work, Lynn has contributed to may highly acclaimed photographic books, some of which include: The Story of Kodak, More Reflections on The Meaning of Life, An American Reunion 1993, Rolling Stone – The Photographs, A Day in the Life of America, A Day in

the Life of the National Hockey League.

Two of her self produced books, Circus Dreams and New Kids, have received the Art Director’s Club Award. Her photographic books on Bruce Springsteen and The Police were created for the purpose of calling attention to the human potential. Profits were donated to Save the Children.

Currently, Lynn is working on a book about being multiracial in America.