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Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio’s photographs embrace the elements of a powerful symphony. Here are choruses and chords of color. We perceive a rhythmic movement in objects that may seem stationary in the three-dimensional world that the rest of us inhabit. Vibrant hues begin to blur and invisible lines direct our gaze toward a sacred center where the subject of the photograph vibrates with spiritual intensity. DiMaggio propels us through new perceptual portals. Passive viewing is not possible. Inspired, at first, by a grandfather with ample talent as an amateur photographer, DiMaggio developed under the influences of other shooters like W. Gene Smith, Alfred Eisenstadt and Mark Kaufman. He looks to the likes of DaVinci, Michelangelo, Monet and Picasso as muses (or, as he puts it, Gods). “If it seems like I”m all over the place, I am,” says DiMaggio. These giants served up kindling for his creative flame. He renders images that are uniquely and distinctively DiMaggio’s own.

Also evident in DiMaggio’s work is a robust spiritual undertow. “Because of my relationship with Mother Nature and all of God”s creatures,”” he says, “I never think of a man, woman or child as a subject. I think of them as beautiful creations.” In DiMaggio’s view, he is merely the instrument “to record”their space in time at that particular moment.” It started in the woods. DiMaggio, while never defining himself as a nature photographer, tends to dwell among the trees for a goodly portion of each day, and that is where he first found magic in the details of the scenery. Soon, though, DiMaggio expanded his imagination. He discovered hitherto unseen luminosity in cityscapes, on sports fields, at racetracks. He made light viscous and emotionally meaningful.  To DiMaggio, every scene is significant.

DiMaggio’s work over three decades has been featured in publications like “Time,” “Life,” “Sports Illustrated,” “U.S. News and World Report” and hundreds more. In 1981, his “Sports Illustrated” cover of Cooney Holms was named Best Picture of the Year by “Time Magazine.” His talent earned him a coveted invitation to join the International Olympic Games Pool. His gift for advertising photography has netted him a list of Fortune 500 clients and prestigious advertising agencies.

DiMaggio’s talent as a teacher has gained him a national reputation. He’s been featured on ABC-TV’s “World of Photography” and has hosted episodes of ESPN’s “Canon Photo Safari” with celebrity guests and amateur photographers William Shatner and A.J. Langer. He has lectured to thousands of aspiring photographers in workshops around the world. He is a contributing editor of the internationally published “Times Journal of Photography” and a lecturer for the “American Photo/Popular Photography” Mentor Workshops. He has taught at additional workshops in Palm Beach and the Maine Photographic Workshop.

Equally at ease with pictures that move, DiMaggio has directed a number of commercials and short films. He recently completed directing a one-hour documentary which aired on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2005.

As he ages, DiMaggio’s talent matures along with his heart. “For me the camera represents my soul,” he says. “It is a part of me and what I believe in. The amazing part of the process is that it’s constantly changing and evolving. It’s never the same twice.”

You can see more of Joe’s work on his website

Ellen Denuto

Ellen Denuto


My unique and varied creative background began as a child who asked the universe to show her everything there was in the world. Never really able to express myself through other mediums, that world opened when I picked up a camera and it became my constant trusted friend. Now I could capture the concrete and invisible subtleties I sensed but could not put into words.

My mother recognizing my talent or direction for this different child, entered me into a relatively major juried exhibition where I won Best In Show. It was then that I realized that what I did mattered.
After studying Art and Education in college, I went on to represent and have professional affiliations with the Minolta, Agfa and Ilford Corporations, as guest Speaker and contributing photographer for their product publications and trade shows.

I have used Dynalite products since they were introduced to the photography market.  The small power packs and daylight balanced modeling light were just what I needed when shooting fashion on location.  I still have my original power pack, and use it with the additional packs, heads, and beauty dishes.”

An original contributor for The Image Bank – founder Larry Freed selected abody of my personal images at to be part of his International Collection which led to assignments with Japanese agents and publishers, as well as worldwide exposure. An exhibition at The Lever House Gallery in NYC won a review from Fred McDarrah of the Village Voice naming me “A brilliant punk fashion
photographer to watch”.

This caught the attention of city Art Directors and soon I was on the pages of magazines such as FOTO, Darkroom Photography, GRAPHIS, Minolta Mirror, Japanese Playboy and the face
of the new generation of photographers in the poster AMERICAN VISION for NYU’s Washington Square Gallery exhibition of the same name. While enjoying commercial success, I stay connected to my artist self through personal projects such as The Artist as Art and The Other America.

Ellen is a regular juror, guest speaker and workshop leader for the American Society of Media Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, Professional Woman

Eric Wagner

Eric Wagner

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“I had learned a number of lighting systems as a photo assistant but was drawn back to dynalite when choosing a system for my career.  I have used dynalite for nearly 6 years and love every aspect of them.  They are obviously light weight, rugged, and very consistent.  So whether I am on location or in the studio, whether shooting food, fashion or interiors I feel I have the best tools to produce the best images.” – Eric Wagner

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications at Ohio University, where he specialized in photo illustration and photojournalism, Eric Wagner moved to Columbus to start a dynamic career assisting local and national photographers. He spent six years honing his skills and perfecting his style with a high-end commercial studio before breaking away to start his own studio.

Eric Wagner

Illumination, LLC is not just a name, but a fully-equipped studio space in downtown Columbus, featuring a built-in “infinity” wall, state of the art equipment, dressing rooms and in-house editing/retouching services. The word illumination also summarizes Eric’s professional philosophy. His photography is noted for its inspired use of light and the sense that the subject, be it food, architecture, or person, has been enlightened or that some aspect of their character has been revealed by the artist.

Eric’s work with local and national media venues has given him the honor of “illuminating” such public figures as Le Bron James, Drew Lachey, Justin Chambers, Tara Reid, Brandie Malay, Sean Faris, and Brady Quinn. He has also photographed pieces for such national fashion brands as Victoria’s Secret, Limited Brands, Bath and Body Works, Saks Fifth Ave. and Fashion Assassin.

See more of Eric Wagners work below as well as his website

Thom LaRussa

Thom’s favorite lighting has always been natural but the next best thing and his right arm at this point in his career is Dynalites. In his opinion they are the most diverse and compact lights on the market.

Whether lighting a large scene or creating his delicate intimate culinary images Thom always uses Dyna-Lights. ” I have used Dyna-Lites since the beginning of my career and I can’t see myself changing now. One of the wonderful things about Dyna-Lites is that they keep evolving with the times but everything is still interchangeable and compatible with the the classic line”.

Thom LaRussa decided to pursue his passion for the art of photography at the the number one school in the nation, Southeast Institute for Photographic Studies in Daytona Beach where he completed his degree and graduated with honors. While still in school he was selected to be in an intern at Walt Disney World and specifically for Disney Photographic Services. After graduation, the Disney Corporation sought him out to come and work with them as a photographer where he soon was promoted to Senior Photographer. 4 1/2 years later
Thom left Disney to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit and hone his skills in photography to the specialization of culinary photographer where he is working today.

Over the past seventeen years, he has had the privilege of photographing the President of the United States of America George Herbert Walker Bush, many professional athletes and Famous Actors , Dan Marino, Brandy Chastain, Arnold Schwartsanegger, Sylvester Stalone, Sean Astin,  Miss America, and many assignments for large corporations such as SEARS, Marriot and Chrysler. Thom’s work has been added to the permanent collection of The Southeast Institute of Photographic Studies, featured on the cover of magazines, used in many menus and advertisements across the nation, and hung on giant murals in Manhattan on Broadway in Planet Hollywood.
He has worked with some of the largest names in the culinary industry such as Planet Hollywood International, Margaritaville, Sbarros Pizza and many others he has created simply irresistible food images for some of the world’s finest food establishments.

Thom’s favorite lighting has always been natural but the next best thing and his right arm at this point in his career is Dynalites. In his opinion they are the most diverse and compact lights on the market. Whether lighting a large scene or creating his delicate intimate culinary images thom always uses Dyna-Lights. ” I have used Dyna-Lites since the beginning of my career and I can’t see myself changing now. One of the wonderful things about Dyna-Lites is that they keep evolving with the times but everything is still interchangeable and compatible with the the classic line”.

Two things that he can’t live with out are his Canon cameras and his Dynalites. “The tools of this trade are as important as the artist using them and I believe this is a wonderful combination.” ensuring a successful outcome with every assignment begins with a successful plan and that plan includes selecting the right equipment.

Peter Read Miller

Peter Read Miller’s career as a photographer spans the past four decades beginning when he was a student at the University of Southern California (USC). For the past quarter century he has been one of the top staff photographers for Sports Illustrated, where he’s worked since the mid 1970’s, with over 100 covers to his credit.

Peter’s other editorial credits include: Time, Newsweek, Life, People, Money, Playboy, Runner’s World, USA Weekend and The New York Times. Advertising clients include: Nike, adidas, Footlocker, Eastman Kodak, ABC Television, Panasonic, Coca-Cola, Visa, The National Football League Properties and Canon Cameras.

In addition to photographing seven Olympic games and 30 Super Bowls, Peter has shot 14 NBA Finals.  He has covered the Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, the NCAA Basketball Final Four, Men’s and Women’s World Cup Soccer Finals and the World Championship of Freestyle Wrestling in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

His portrait work of many world famous athletes and sports figures include Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Ivan Ivankov, Renaldo, John Wooden, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Barry Bonds, John Elway, Gabriella Reece, Shaquille O’Neal and Kathy Ireland.
For the past decade Peter has taught an annual sports photography workshop every spring in Denver, Colorado.  He has also taught at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Rich Clarkson’s Sports Photography Workshop.

Other speaking engagements have included the Los Angeles Chapter of the Advertising Photographers of America, The Wisconsin News Photographers Association and The Sportsshooter Luau.  He has also lectured at San Jose State, UCLA, the University of Tennessee and the University of Colorado.

Photography started as a hobby for Peter in high school. His interest continued and his talent flourished while a student USC where he shot for the yearbook and school paper, The Daily Trojan. After university and a slight detour into road managing a rock and roll band, Peter returned to USC where he shot for the Athletic Department.  USC’s football success led to his work being published nationally, working for NFL Publications and eventually Sports Illustrated.

Patrick Harbron

“Dynalite is the best lighting choice I could have made. It is reliable, powerful , lightweight and versatile. For me that’s the vital in lighting gear. I travel with 4 packs, 10 heads and tons of accessories and for twenty years I have counted on Dynalite gear to make my life easier. Whether it’s hooked up to a bank, grid or optical spot in the studio, bouncing off the walls or out in the middle of nowhere I never worry about my lighting.”

Patrick Harbron is a New York based photographer well known for his quirky off beat portraits of celebrities, business heads, scientists, comedians and everyday people. Working internationally and equally comfortable on location or in the studio, Patrick finds a twist that shows us a different and often humorous point of view of his subjects. Bringing out each subject’s personality while finding a unique look is a vital part of each shoot. Despite the size of the assignment, big or small, Patrick’s own guidelines are to keep it simple, fun and visually engaging.

Starting his career in rock and roll, Patrick photographed hundreds of groups of rock’s royalty from AC/DC to Z.Z. Top for tour books, album covers and magazines. As his style evolved he eventually found markets and subjects beyond music.

Patrick’s clients have long been top editorial, advertising and film clients including Life, People, Time, Business Week, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, USA Weekend, Zoom, Apple, IBM, AT&T, Nabisco, Home Box Office, NBC, Warner Brothers, Showtime Network and annual reports for Pepsi, Wellpoint Healthcare, J. Wiley Publishing among a few. His work also includes three books of black and white photography for Dell Publishing.

In addition to being internationally published Patrick is the recipient of numerous awards from Communication Arts, American Photography, Art Directors Club of Canada, How Design, Print and Society of Publication Design.

As a member of the faculty at the International Center of Photography, Patrick teaches a number of courses related to lighting, business practice and the editorial assignment.