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Lynn Goldsmith

I use Dynalites because they are dependable, have a fast recycle, and they’re light enough for me to travel to locations with even when I don’t have assistants. In the past 10 years, I have only had to have my units repaired once and that was because Keith Richards accidentally spilled a bottle of whiskey on one of the power packs! There’s something else I like about Dynalites that may seem unimportant, but what I surround myself with visually has an effect on me: I like the way they look. I like the color of the pack. I like the look of the heads…call me superficial, but I fell in love with them the first time I saw them so many years ago sitting next to some big clunky units. I’m happy to say that this love affair has lasted because my Dynalites have always been good to me.

A portrait photographer and photo journalist, Lynn’s subjects have varied from entertainment personalities to sports stars, from film directors to authors, from the extraordinary to the ordinary man on the street. Her work has appeared on and between the covers of Life, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Us, People, National Geographic, Traveler, etc.

In addition to her editorial work, Lynn has contributed to may highly acclaimed photographic books, some of which include: The Story of Kodak, More Reflections on The Meaning of Life, An American Reunion 1993, Rolling Stone – The Photographs, A Day in the Life of America, A Day in

the Life of the National Hockey League.

Two of her self produced books, Circus Dreams and New Kids, have received the Art Director’s Club Award. Her photographic books on Bruce Springsteen and The Police were created for the purpose of calling attention to the human potential. Profits were donated to Save the Children.

Currently, Lynn is working on a book about being multiracial in America.

Rich Clarkson

Rich Dynalite:

“For many years, I have usedDynalite strobes and am always surprised when improvements are announced. They have always been the leader in location shooting. For maximum power against minimal size and weight, dependability and affordability, they can’t be beat. Add to that a practical set of accessories and adapters and there is no better set of strobes”.

Rich Clarkson is the organizer of the Sports Photography Workshop. His Denver-based company packages books, uses new technology to manage photographic and publishing ventures for such diverse groups as the Denver Broncos football team and Colorado Rockies baseball team, and serves as consultant to a variety of companies, publishers and foundations. The former director of photography and senior assistant editor of the National Geographic magazine, he photographed for many years for Sports Illustrated,Time and LIFE magazines. Working earlier for newspapers in Topeka, KS. and Denver, he was named as one of the 100 most influential persons in photography by American Photo magazine.

Clarkson is the organizer of three annual workshops in photography conducted each fall in Jackson Hole, WY and sponsored by Nikon Inc. Two of the workshops are in editorial and wildlife photography, one being specific to digital photography. One workshop, in Sports Photography at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, features faculty from many leading publications, including Sports Illustrated magazine. He has been a regular lecturer at the annual Missouri Workshops, the Maine Photographic Workshops, and the International Center of Photography in New York City, and has been active in other workshops in this country and overseas. He was a lecturer on the adjunct faculty of the University of Kansas School of Journalism for seven years. A two-time Pulitzer Prize juror, Clarkson serves as a judge and advisor for the Sasakawa Sports Foundation and Sports Photography Competition in Tokyo.

He has been a contributor to numerous publications on photojournalism and sports and has co-authored five books including “The Jim Ryun Story” with Cordner Nelson in 1967, “Sooner” with Bill Bruns in 1972, “Knight With the Hoosiers” with Bob Hammel in 1975, “Montreal ‘76” with Bill Bruns in 1976 and “The Final Four” with Billy Reed in 1988. He was director of photography for the book, “A Day in the Life of America” in 1986, and was a photographer on four other “Day in the Life” books.

In 1989, he was producer-coordinator for the Brian Lanker project, “ I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America,” which included both a book, now in its 14th printing, and two traveling exhibitions. It has become the second best-selling picture book ever in America. In 1996 Clarkson produced and curated with Jane Livingston and Pindar Press of New York a major exhibition of 100 years of sports photography, “Visions of Victory,” which was featured in Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Rich Clarkson and Associates has produced fourteen hardback books, the latest being “The Final Four” celebrating the past 50 years of this American classic. As a continuing consultant to the NCAA, the company photographs all NCAA national championships.

Still active as a magazine photographer, Clarkson has worked regularly over the years for Sports Illustrated, Time and Life. He photographed seven summer and one winter Olympics, organizing all picture coverage for Time at Munich in 1972 and Montreal in 1976 and for Sports Illustrated at Moscow in 1980. He was a consultant to the Los Angeles Organizing Committee in 1984.

Nancy Brown

Nancy on Dynalite: Nancy’s power pack and strobe head of choice? The M1000XR power pack and the 2040 flash head.

“I’ve been using Dynalites for years and love them. What attracted me to them originally was how small they were, but over the years they have proven to be such workhorses, and rarely need repairs. When they do, Dynalite’s turnaround time is really quick.

Of course I love the people atDynalite, after all they are like family! When I think about all the images we have made with them over the years it’s really amazing.”

Nancy Brown is a photographer, who ironically started on the opposite side of the camera.

After modeling for 20 years, Nancy decided to follow her heart’s ambition and become a photographer. “During all the years I was modeling, photography was my big interest so becoming a photographer was a natural move.

Over the years, Nancy’s clients have been magazines, ad agencies, public relations firms, and pharmaceutical agencies. She has been producing images for stock for many years and contributes to Getty Images on a regular basis.

Her photographs depict her ability to catch that spontaneous moment when the lighting (Dynalites) is just right. Nancy is totally digital now, and continues to shoot with Nikons (D2x & D200). Nikon made her one of their Legends in 2002.

Nancy’s modeling history has given her insight as to how to make shoots productive, especially since her specialty is photographing people. In one of her three photography books, Photographing People for Advertising, Nancy explains in detail how the photographer/model relationship can affect the shot. She has also done two other photography books: Photographing people for stock & Nudes & Beauty Photography.

Nancy has done seminars and workshops throughout the world. She has taught at Maine, Appalachian, Tahoe, and the Palm Beach Photographic Center Workshops.

She now lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and does workshops all year round in her studio and in locations in the area. To see more on Nancy’s work, go to

Brooke Christl

Brooke Christl is an emerging photographer from Myrtle Beach, SC. Her talent and personality have made her one of the most sought after photographers in her market. (visit her website)

Brooke studied at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA and has dedicated herself to staying on top of the current trends in photography. Her clients may not know of all the work she has done “Behind the scenes” , and the years she spent paying her dues in the fashion industry, but they see her artistic talent in the photographs.

Brooke Christl Photography has been in business for a few short years, but her work has already garnered her attention on the national level. From weddings, boudoir, babies, trash the dress to seniors, Brooke Christl Photography has something to offer every client. Focusing on the client’s needs is central to her business, and her talent for “Capturing the Drama” and not causing any has made her wedding clients overjoyed.

“I am convinced that I have the best job in the world, I get to be a part of people’s lives. Creating photographs that they will cherish for years to come is an incredible honor. Whether it is a special day, or a celebration of the journey that is life, I am so grateful to be able to photograph the beauty that is in all of us”

Brooke on DynaLite:,”I love my Dynalites! Some of my newest clients (Babies) can be my most demanding. I have a short time to set up and start capturing and Dynalites give me the reliability, and portability that I need.

With 90% of my work done outside of the studio, Dynalites were the natural and best choice. Since I started offering my clients studio quality photos at their location, my business has taken off. “