As an innovator in compact studio and location lighting, Dynalite originated the wide angle built-in reflector design that offers ease of use with umbrellas and other accessories. And that’s not all. Every Dynalite flash tube is hand mounted in its user-replaceable, shock-absorbing reflector assembly and tested for flash consistency, power output and color temperature accuracy.

Standard Features For Dynalite Flash Heads

  • UV Color Corrected Flash Tube: 5400˚K is perfect for critical color work. Plus, there is virtually no color shift with different power settings. Rated to 2000-watt seconds for extra long life.
  • Quartz Modeling Light: 3200˚K color temperature and 2000 hour rated. 150 watt in RH1050 flash head, 250 watt in MH2050, SH2000, SH4080 flash heads, positioned to produce illumination identical to flash. User replaceable.
  • Modeling Switch: Each head gives you the option of shooting with the modeling light off. (Except RH1050)
  • Interchangeable Reflectors: Achieve greater light control with optional reflectors, grids, snoots, etc.
  • Angle Adjustment Handle: Large enough to grip, on the back of the head for one-handed adjustment convenience. (Not available on the RH1015)
  • Friction Control Handle: Easily set in tight spaces with ratchet handle. Reversible for left handed and right handed use. Adjusting head does not alter friction setting.
  • Universal Stand Mount: 1/2” and 5/8” holes provide maximum versatility to fit all light stands.
  • Accessory Mounting Ring: Integral, molded mounting ring permits quick and secure installation. Enables 360-degree rotation of most accessories and soft boxes.
  • Umbrella Mount: 1/2” hole accommodates all umbrellas. Reversible thumbscrew for left handed or right handed convenience.
  • LOWEL Flexi Clips: Two are provided to accept Lowel Flexi shafts, Total flags, and Total flectors for ultimate light control situations. (detail right)
  • Pig Tail Power Cable: For easier head storage. Locking ring prevents accidental cable disconnects. (not available on RH1050)
  • Arc proof design. Cooling Fan: Blows air out of the front of the flash head for superior cooling and fills out the fabric in soft boxes for better light dispersion. (Not available on the RH1050)
  • Abuse Resistant Design: Power cables are arc protected. Powder epoxy coating on the flash head takes abuse and is easy to clean.