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Introducing the NEW MH2065V Flash Head that can also be used for video with its 300 watt modeling lamp (650 watt modeling lamp optional) and its low noise fan to help keep it cool and give longer life!

Similar to our previous Road Max series flash heads, the MH2065v is a fan cooled 2000 w/s flash head.  With a built-in 120˚ reflector and a 18′ detachable heavy duty cable you maintain all the standards set by previous generations of strobe heads.

Weighing in at 1.76lbs (without flash cable) and a diameter of only 5.125″ makes the MH2065V head seem visually similar to the MH2050, but with a standard 300 watt modeling lamp (and optional 650 watt modeling lamp available) in a protective glass cover, this head is far from what Dynalite has done in the past.

With the standard 300 watt modeling lamp and the improved fan-cooled design, Dynalite photographers can now utilize the MH2065V to capture video with their strobe lighting systems!  Below you will see an example of both the images and video quality the MH2065V is capable of.  All material is © Vincent Ricardel

BUTTERFLY from Vincent Ricardel on Vimeo.

Facts About The MH2065v
Compact Design
  • The MH2065v is one of the most portable flash heads on the planet
  • It is 1/2″ shorter than the compact 2040 head
Long-Reaching Cable
  • 18′ detachable cable is included
  • Head extension cables are available for heads used at longer distances from the power pack.
Easy to Control
Integral tilt mechanism for continuous tilting for stand or suspension mounting.
Easily Replaceable Flashtube
No tools are required to replace this “plug & play” assembly
Accessories Available
  • The reflector is built-in
  • May be outfitted with parabolic reflectors, barndoors,
    and grid spot holders for greater light control.
Modeling Light
Bright 300w modeling lamp (optional 650w sold separately) ideal for video usage
Fan Cooled
Fan cooling of the lamp head allows for increased protection under the most demanding of circumstances.