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Dyna_JeremFIN_lightI am lucky to have an incredible working relationship with a slew of the people I get to photograph. One of my favorites is Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. We first met when she fronted The Agonist, where we did an editorial shoot for Outburn Magazine, and quickly became fast friends and fans of each others work. Every time The Agonist, or Kamelot (of whom she sometimes does guest vocals for) would tour in the area, we would do a photo shoot. Since then she has moved on from The Agonist and onto the legendary Arch Enemy. This shoot however, was during a Kamelot tour. We were able to use the main stage of the Palladium in Worcester, MA for this shoot, she had an incredible dress (as it went with the Kamelot song and video) she is featured in) and a mask as a prop. We shot a bunch of shots of her standing, around a drum riser, trying to avoid getting it in the photo. Then she had the idea of sitting or lying down on the drum riser. I had her lay down, make the dress hang a bit to give a floating illusion. I boomed the rimelite grandbox above her and put two dynalite uni400s with parabolic reflectors about 5 feet on either side behind her at 45 degrees in to give even more separation from the background and a halo of light around her.  We shot a bunch with the set up but this is by far my favorite shot of the bunch.  The drum riser was taken out in post, but aside from that an minor contrast/saturation tweaks, this is pretty much what it looked like out of camera. Its one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, and was well received by fans and friends alike. Alissa is multitalented in everything she does, so it goes with out saying, incredible singer, artist, writer, and model. She always brings something different to every shoot, always has incredible ideas, and always has us work on both of our ideas together to come up with an incredible final image. I know anytime I get Alissa in front of my lens, we are going to create something incredible and iconic together, and I know Dynalite will always be the lighting I use to capture it. ~ Jeremy Saffer