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The goal for the shoot was to have the model completely backlit with enough light wrapping around her to fill in her features. The super white background paper is lit with two Dynalite MP800 power packs each with an MH2065v location head aimed into a V-Flat. Each V-Flat is at a 45º angle to the paper, one on each side.

Each MP800 delivered 400 watt seconds of light. The light from each V-Flat is measured separately with a Sekonic L-758DR incident meter placed in the center of the background with the dome pointed at the camera. The V-Flat on the dark side was moved in until it matched the reading from the brighter side. Once each individual reading is the same, the light is even.

White sheer curtains are hung from another background stand in front of the V-Flats.

A reflected reading of the background (f/22) placed directly on the camera will make it middle gray. Add three stops of light to the exposure by opening up to f/8.0 and the background becomes white.

Vanessa wearing a white tutu is kneeling less than arm’s length from the sheers. The light from the curtains envelops her. The camera is set on Tungsten (Canon) or Incandescent (Nikon) white balance to create “Blue Vanessa.” – Kevin Ames