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Digital Still Life Photography: Art, Business, & Style by Steve Sint


Steve Sint started using Dynalite flash equipment over 40 years ago with our original D-Series power packs. When we received his newest book Digital Still Life Photography: Art, Business, & Style, we were interested in seeing what he had to say. Physically the book is thick and comprehensive; his conversational writing style makes each topic covered easily understandable.


Although we appreciated images of his Dynalite equipment sprinkled throughout the book, we applaud Steve that he didn’t push any one perticular brand of lighting equipment but was more interested in creating unique lighting solutions making this book ideal for those looking to learn.  He also explained how to build custom studio accessories that repurpose traditional lighting and studio equipment in different ways. Many of them create lighting effects that cannot be duplicated with ready-made products. Not many books show a lot of behind the scenes images letting the reader know in more than words exactly how the image was captured.


Being a professional studio strobe manufacturer, we found his chapter on business great! His breakdown of how many assignment days a year a photographer can work will open many aspiring photographers eyes and his ideas on marketing a photography business should fill them with ideas. Likewise, his point that photographers have to set a salary for themselves when figuring out the cost of doing business was especially important in todays photographic workplace.

This book created quite a stir around Dynalite’s home office. We feel that everyone who reads it, whether an aspiring photographer or an established professional, will find the information on its pages useful, inspiring, and ultimately refreshing to read. Congratulations on another fine book Steve!


 For more images, books, and information visit Steve’s website