Dynalite VIP Eric Wagner in November PDN!

“Derek Poundstone, America’s Strongest Man®. I wanted to highlight Derek’s intensity and strength without doing a traditional full body shot, so I had him get in a push-up position and hold the pose at the bottom.

The expression in his eyes says it all. I converted the image to black and white for an added edge. I lit it with an 18” Soft Lite White “Beauty Dish” from above and a 2040 bare head into the cyc wall, and I used a 1000wi unit as my pack. Derek prides himself on his finesse, in addition to his brute strength, something that sets him apart. That comes through in the image based on the subtleties of the set up.” — Eric Wagner

About dynalite

Designed and manufactured in the USA, Dynalite has earned its reputation as the flash equipment with power and performance in a small and lightweight package since 1970.
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