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At every stage in softbox fabrication, only chosen materials are used which insure consistent performance and durability with built-in features that facilitate easy use. Fluorescent dyes, which cause a blue color shift, have been avoided in their construction. UV coating has been employed for color consistency while special heat-resistant materials expand the capabilities of these strobe boxes to allow use of hot lights up to 650W. Waterproofing not only makes for easy maintenance, but prevents fading and discoloration, ensuring color consistency over time.

The unique shape and large surface area of these softboxes creates natural catchlights in the eyes, making them ideal for head and shoulders portraiture. They offer light output which is somewhat similar to the Dynalite Grand Box with a slimmer profile to accommodate space constraints. All of the Octagon Boxes exhibit a flattering wrap-around quality of light which increases and becomes quite dramatic in the larger sizes.