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The 36 x 48″ RBRR-3648 is designed to offer the ultimate in soft light with consistent edge-to-edge coverage.

At every stage in softbox fabrication, materials have been chosen which insure consistent performance and durability with built-in features that facilitate easy use. Fluorescent dyes, which cause a blue color shift, have been avoided in their construction. UV coating has been employed for color consistency while special heat-resistant materials expand the capabilities of these strobe boxes to allow use of hot lights up to 650W. Waterproofing not only makes for easy maintenance, but prevents fading and discoloration, ensuring color consistency over time.

The classic shape of these softboxes is ideal for almost any subject. The smaller boxes are perfect for product work or for use as a hair light or fill light. Medium sized boxes are very useful for head and shoulders portraiture and the larger boxes ideal for full length portraiture, groups, large products and big sets. These boxes create long, clean highlights on reflective objects such as glassware, cars or furniture.