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No matter where you next assignment is, or what you’re shooting one thing is for sure – having the lighting gear you need in one or two easy-to-carry cases will help you arrive there without a struggle.

Each Dynalite package system is specifically designed to offer you a compact solution without having to compromise on quality.  Our sturdy, lightweight, and easy-to-pack carry cases will protect your gear and keep things organized.

The RK4-1100 is powerful and versatile enough to handle a wide variety of on-the-run assignments like fashion, corporate work, portraiture, weddings and interiors. The RP400 pack has 3 head outlets and breaks down its output symmetrically or asymmetrically over a 6 stop range with short flash durations at a super fast 1.0 seconds recycling time at full power. A variator knob allows fine tuned exposure adjustments over 2 stops in 2/10 stop increments. Triggering options include sync cord (provided), IR or optical slave.

The included RH1050 flash head has a 150W modeling light, 16′ power cable, user replaceable 1000W/s capacity flash tube and an ideal color temperature of 5400K.

Although you may be tired at the end of a long shooting day, it won’t be because of your equipment. The RP400 pack weighs a mere 4.1 lb and the RH1015 flash head only 2 lb.