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Dynalite BAJA A6

Dynalite, America’s leading manufacturer of lightweight, portable flash equipment, is proud to announce the latest member of the Baja series of rugged mono-lights; the AC powered 600 watt second Baja A6-600.

The BAJA A6 model complement’s the current Baja series with: a faster recycling time (1.3 seconds to full power), and a powerful 300 watt model lamp to the studio photographer. Weighing in at a mere 6.6 pounds, it shares many features with the battery powered Baja [‘B’] series:

 Digital Power range from 600 watt seconds to 9 watt seconds in one-tenth f-stop steps

 T Mode – Flash duration mode (6 power levels)

 C Mode – Stroboscopic Mode 5,10 or 15 flashes per second (two power levels)

 HSS compatible (Canon & Nikon using optional HSS radios)

 Remote power control using optional BRT-616 Transmitter

 “S” Style Mount for Light modifiers and reflectors

 Glass dome protecting the flash tube

The Baja A6-600 ships with: the RST-165 reflector, PC-101 protective cover, 300 watt model lamp (0521), the standard BRR-616 radio receiver, sync cord, and a 15 foot A/C cord.  It is also be available in a two light kit as the AK6-2200b.

Model BAJA A6
Total Power (w/s) 600 w/s
f~Stop (Max) (ISO 100, RSH 165H, m)
Variable Range of Flash  7 ƒ-stop in 1/10th stop increments
F-stop Range
Color Temperature  5500 (+/-200)
2.4 GHZ Wireless triggering  Yes
Flash Duration (0.5t) @ min:max  1/12800 : 1/500
Recycle Time seconds (full power) 1.3 sec.
Modeling Lamp  300W
Flash Count  N/A
Weight (lbs) 6.6 lbs.
Dimensions (Wxxh)


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Union, NJ 07083
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