XP1100 -=Discontinued No Longer Available=-

The XP1100 AC Power Inverter provides a dependable 110 Volt AC power for a photographer’s lighting gear on location. It will provide power to any other manufacturer’s 1000 w/s — or lower — 110 volt power pack or monolight.The XP1100 eliminates the need to rent or own a gas-powered power generator. This pack puts out 110 volts. Its charger functions with almost any AC voltage: 100-240VAC, and will shut down upon completion of charge and will not harm the battery.

Requiring only 2 hours for an 80% charge (5 hours for full charge) the XP1100 can provide over 200 flashes full power on a 1000 w/s strobe with an average recycle time of 1.5 seconds.

As of December 2012 this item is no longer available for purchase but will still be serviced and repaired by authorized Dynalite service facilities.