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Dynalite Arena series AP1600 Power pack

Dynalite Arena series AP1600 power pack

Sports, dance and action photography are comprised of defining peak moments, definitely not the time to have detail lost in the blur. The Dynalite AP1600 is a 1600W/s power pack specially designed for use in sporting arenas. The AP1600 has 3 head outlets and breaks down its output symmetrically or asymmetrically over a 6 stop range with super-short flash durations that top the performance of its predecessor, the AP2000.

With a standard flash head such as the MH2015 the flash duration is 1/700 second and with the AH4000 a lightning-fast 1/3200 second. Dynalite has beefed up the AP1600’s capacitors and profile and added a bit of weight to give you a super-fast recycle time of 1.2 seconds at full power.

A variator knob allows fine tuned exposure adjustments over 2 stops in 2/10 stop increments. Triggering options include sync cord (provided) or optional plug in slave. If your work demands wireless the AP1600 is compatible with most optional radio systems such as the PocketWizard™ or other wireless systems with the proper connection cable.

Another option to consider with the AP1600 is the AH4000 bi-tube flash head which, as indicated above, is the best way to squeeze the shortest flash durations and highest performance out of the AP1600 pack. Since the head is rated at 4000W/s you can add another AP1600 pack and attach one of the 2 head cables to each pack to double the power for a total of 3200W/s at 1.2 seconds. Alternately you can knock the power down to half on each pack for 1600W/s at a blistering recycling time of just 0.6 seconds!

Total Power (w/s) 1600
Recycle Time seconds (full power) 1.2
Maximum Heads Allowed 3
F-stop Range 6
Built-In Wein Slave Eye No
Built-In Pocketwizard™ No
Sync Circuit Voltage 10 v
Weight (lbs) 12.1
Dimensions (wxdxh) includes handle 7.125 x 9.25 x 7.875


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