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Studio Series

Standard Features Of The Studio Series Packs

Built In Pocket Wizard™ Receiver: Digital radio circuitry allows you to eliminate sync cords and wirelessly synchronize any number of power packs with high consistency, sensitivity and broad range – even on bright outdoor sets. You can trigger from any Pocket Wizard transmitter or SekonicTM meter with transmitter.

Power Control Switch: Two full/half/quarter power switches to provide seven basic power settings. Arc proof.

Combined/Ratio Output Switch: One switch lets you toggle between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical routing of the “A” and “B” flash head outlet banks. LED indicates combined mode. Arc proof.

All Channel Dimmer: Two f/stop variator fine-tunes power settings on all heads simultaneously, in 2/10 stop increments. Used in conjunction with the Power Control Switches the pack has a full 6 f/stop range. From 2000 ws. to 62.5 ws.

Modeling Light Control: Dual proportional dimmer slide switch control includes FULL OFF so that the cooling fan may continue to run.

Flash Head Outlets: Four Arc protected so you can plug and unplug flash head cables without shutting down the power pack.

Ready Light Test Switch: This low profile button serves as a flash test switch and signals 100% flash readiness.

Audible Ready Indicator: 100% recycle indicator with its own ON/OFF switch for applications that demand it.

Sync Input Socket :Choose standard mono plug sync cord, Wein Slave Eye (responds consistently to other flashes or infrared triggering) or Pocket WizardTM Receiver. ISO approved low voltage sync circuit.