Peter Read Miller’s Sports Photography Workshop West

Peter Read Miller’s photography workshops will continue for the 12th year in Denver, CO April 7-12, 2014. Join Peter, Syl Arena, SI Lighting Techs, and other industry experts for 6 intense days of photographing in an exciting all-digital program with access to the latest photographic and lighting equipment.

2013 PRM Denver Workshop from Peter Read Miller on Vimeo.

Students will shoot each city’s top university and high school sporting events.  Each day will begin with a review and critique of the previous day’s shooting.
The workshops will also feature lighting set-ups with studio strobes and speedlites as well as remote camera work and arena lighting instruction by Sports Illustrated Lighting Techs.
Workshop students will have the opportunity to work closely with Peter and take home hundreds of images shot with top of the line equipment.  Each student will also have a one-on-one portfolio review with Peter.

Additional instructors and speakers include:
-Steve Fine-New York, NY.  former Director of Photography, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.
-Syl Arena-Paso Robles, CA.  Advertising, editorial photographer and speedlight guru.  Lecturer and author of “Speedlighters Handbook”.
-Jordan Murph-Honolulu, HI. Los Angeles based freelance editorial photographer and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED lighting technician.

Tuition for the week will include all instruction, the one-on-one portfolio review with Peter, and all location and model fees.
Sponsors include Canon, B&H Photo, Dynalite, Hoodman, Think Tank, and Western Digital.

Students will have access to the latest cameras and lenses from Canon as well as lighting gear from Dynalite. In addition we will have a pool of gear for setting up remotes and triggering options including Pocket Wizards. Past students have gone on the shoot for major newspapers and agencies (Getty Images, USA Today Sports Images, the Associated Press) and become NFL team photographers. Many have had their work published in national publications including SI, ESPN The Magazine and The Sporting News.  A student in the 2010 workshop had a photo he shot during the workshop run in the “Leading Off” section of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Tuition for the six-day workshop is $1,895.00.  This includes all instruction, a one on one portfolio review with Peter and all model and location fees.  The students will be responsible for air and ground transportation as well as hotel accommodations.  The workshop will attempt offer a negotiated room rate at a hotel in the area.
Peter Read Miller’s
Sports Photography Workshop West
Denver, CO April 7-13, 2014


Image Explorations

About Image Explorations

IE 2012 is growing. We now have 11 instructors and classes. The interest and pre registrations from last years attendees is huge.  That’s a pretty darn good testimony of what IE is all about. In addition, we all know that the social activities are equally important. Our party this summer was FIRST class . Pirates of Shawnigan Lake… ok, it was a little over the top as our team (Tomo and Eric) were thinking outside the box.

The REAL reason we gather is our instructor team. IE instructors have one thing in common … a keen desire to share their knowledge and experience. Taking on a 5 day leadership role is not easy… it is a commitment to put aside ego’s and not only give 110% to everyone but create an atmosphere where each and every person attending also gives. This creates a priceless experience. Your registration is not just for your instructor… we all know that the “after hours” time is equally important especially if it is an atmosphere with no egos or baggage.

Selecting a class is a challenge… can I take them all?  The strength of IE lies in spending the class time totally focused with one instructor and then relax to a social atmosphere where you share your experiences with others as they do with you. Chat with friends and other instructors… pull up a chair in our pub… “O’Shawnigans” or our “Mac lab” (Tomo, Eric and Darren from Langara College, will set up a lab in the dining hall where you can play and print images until security gives you the boot). In reality… you get 11 instructors for the week if you take advantage of the evening activities.

Registrations are coming in even though we have not published any new material. Don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you have questions. I know the classes VERY well.

Don’t miss the best week of the year… photographers working together in a wonderful atmosphere.

- Don MacGregor M.Photog.Cr.MPA


What Is Image Explorations

Image Explorations is a refreshing approach to personal growth and professional development in the photographic industry. Modeled after the highly successful “Texas School”, Image Explorations gives you the opportunity to glean real life knowledge, tips and ideas from top International photographic instructors. Our venue, Shawnigan Lake school is exceptional. There is no where else to go… EVERYONE hangs together, EVERYONE shop talks around the lake, the firpelace, O’Shanigans etc.

What Does The Week Look Like?

The week is mixed with lectures, demonstrations and sessions with models. Classes start on Sunday afternoon (July 12) and finish on Thursday afternoon (July 16). Students register for one instructor in whose class they will remain for the duration of the school. Classes begin at 8:30 am and continue through the day with some optional evening exercises. Each evening will feature a sponsored all-school social activity and “Marion Hall ” will be the evening gathering place for sharing the day’s experiences and ideas.

Why Are Industry Suppliers / Sponsors Going To Be There?

Although the sponsors will be represented throughout the week, Tuesday’s “Country Store” is their opportunity to get a return on their investment. They will be ready and willing to convince you that their services and products are first class. Suppliers will plan and offer some exclusive “specials” and unique opportunities for IE students only. In addition, the equipment demonstrated by the instructors will be available to you at very special savings.

How Are The Instructors Chosen?

Instructors are chosen very carefully. All instructors have met the 7 following criteria:

1. the instructor has a proven track record as a successful business person

2. the instructor has received first class evaluations from former registrants

3. the instructor has a proven track record of image excellence

4. the instructor is active and on the leading edge of current trends and business practices

5. the instructor has earned degrees and accolades from the professional associations

6. the instructor is dedicated to sharing their experience and knowledge

7. the instructor has agreed to leave any personal agendas or egos at home

NECCC Photography Conference

Come and see Dynalite at the NECCC conference on July 13-15 in Amherst, MA!  We will providing lighting for the Portraits with Children class and Canon Explorer Of Light Stephen Eastwood’s Lighting For Beauty And Fashion Classes! Student discounts available to all those who attend!

The The New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) is a non-profit umbrella group for about 80 camera clubs in the New England states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont). The Council was established in 1937 and incorporated in 1963.

Portraits With Children

Attendees have been asking for child models for years on their comment sheets. We are pleased to announce that for 2012, we will have two professional child models, ages 5 to 7 years available in a variety of outfits and props for you to photograph Saturday afternoon only. This will take place in one of the major model sets, Room CC174 on the lower level of the Campus Center. Lighting for the set will be provided by Jim Morton, National Sales Manager of Dynalite, Inc.

Lighting for Beauty and Fashion 

This is designed to range from simple one-light setups to multiple-light scenarios and show the use and need for many or few.  Stephen will explain when he chooses multiple lights and why at times a simple one-light setup is the best course of action.  Reasons for lighting design and placement will be presented along with several tips and tricks to making more elaborate lighting setups with fewer lights through smart placement.  Learn to create depth and dimension through rim, back, and separation lighting.  In a live lighting demo you will see a progression of several beauty lighting schemes, starting with a clean beauty setup with flawless light through more editorial style shadowed lighting. You will learn how to shoot beauty like a still-life, with a very specific highly gridded lighting scheme.  You will also learn about what to look out for and how to prepare for post-production those different lighting styles which can produce flawless beauty and glamour images.

Vered Koshlano

Israeli born, Vered Koshlano is a NYC based photographer specializing in beauty and fashion. Her clients include Canon USA, Dentsu advertising agency, Royal Apparel, Nylon, Benzo, Italian Vogue as well as numerous cosmetic, hair salons and apparel designers.

Vered is a self-taught photographer who first became  fascinated with photography at a young age. “I always loved looking at old masters, classical paintings and try to recreate some of that feeling of perfect, ethereal beauty using my lens instead of a paint brush.”

With no formal training, Vered has found trial and error is one of the best ways to learn about photography.

“Go out and experiment, see what works and what doesn’t. Train your eyes to capture the story your brain wants to tell.”  With this, Dynalite has helped the image in Vered’s brain come to life in front of her camera.

Shooting almost exclusively in her studio in NYC Vered put various strobe equipment through the same trial and error she put herself through when learning photography, in the end Dynalite stood apart from the rest.

“The power packs are so rugged and compact and with fast recycle times I could focus on directing the models instead of counting the seconds.”  A “typical” shoot can range from in her studio with 1 light to across the country with a multiple light setup according to Vered.“The power packs and flash heads are very compact and durable which is perfect for me.  A few years ago I had to fly across the country to photograph the Canon Print Masters  and my Dynalite equipment came along and got the job done when I needed it most.”


Vered Koshlano has experience on both sides of the camera. Combining her experience as an actress with her technical expertise, she specializes in fashion, beauty, and glamour studio shots. She has been a featured instructor at the Lepp Institute of Photography and is a regular fixture in Canons Photo Shows.









Stephen Eastwood’s Beauty & Fashion Workshop + Webinar

A comprehensive course taught by the renowned NYC Fashion and Beauty photographer, and Canon’s “Explorer of Light” and “Printmaster” – Stephen Eastwood.


This intense one day in-studio course will cover shooting Beauty and Fashion from both a commercial and a highly conceptual perspective held at Studio 212 in Metuchen, NJ.  Three “core” lighting setups with lighting provided by Dynalite will be explained, and the participants will have a chance to shoot on those setups with Stephen’s guiding.  Group size is limited to 6 participants per day to ensure an intimate atmosphere conducive to learning.


This workshop consists of a one day in-studio course, and an online webinar the following Sunday, August 21st.  We wanted to keep the group sizes small, so we’re doing the in-studio portion twice – Saturday August 13th and again on Sunday the 14th.



The in-studio portion of this workshop is broken up into 3 parts.  Each part will cover one “core” lighting setup and then it’s variations, and will consist of an overview/lecture, live shooting by Stephen and Q&A.  There is a time allotment for participants to shoot, but since this is an educational workshop, that time will be somewhat limited.

Part 1 – Commercial Fashion.
This section will focus primarily on shooting clean commercial style of fashion that’s most suitable for catalogs and lookbooks.

Part 2 – Commercial Beauty.
Expanding on part 1, but with focus on more portraiture and beauty oriented imagery.

Part 3 – Conceptual Fashion and Beauty.
This section will expand on parts 1 and 2, and will concentrate on a more stylized conceptual style well suited for editorial submissions.

Online retouching lecture/webinar.

This six hour online event will feature a retouching lecture/demo by Stephen, and will be specifically tailored to deal with the images the participants shot the previous weekend.  The webinar is broken up into two parts.

Part 1 – Retouching Lecture/Demo.
In this part Stephen will walk you through his approach, talk about his retouch strategy and what he wants to accomplish in the final product.  Using images shot the previous weekend as examples, Stephen will address specific challenges associated with each setup and style. He will walk you through sample retouched images layer by layer, explaining his process from beginning to end.

Part 2 – Show and Tell.
During this section Stephen will go through the images the participants shot the previous weekend.  He will provide feedback, suggestions for improvement and offer his strategies and approach for post.  Some of the images will be retouched live, and you’ll be able to watch Stephen work on an image as he’s explaining what he’s doing and why.

This workshop consists of a one day (9 hour) in-studio course (repeated on two days) + a six hour retouching lecture/webinar the following weekend.  The cost of the webinar is included in the price.

Workshop Price = $795

$200 deposit is required for all bookings.  When submitting your deposit, please specify which one of the two in-studio days (Saturday or Sunday) you’re booking.

Please make sure you read the cancellation policy below, before booking.

Please click here to submit your deposit, and book your spot.

Early bird promotions.

Book before Thursday, June 30th – get $100 off.

Book before Saturday, July 16th – get $50 off.