Photo Plus Expo Wrap Up

The 2010 Photo Plus Expo is now in the books and we would like to thank all of our loyal Dynalite users, VIP Photographers, speakers, and new studio strobe enthusiasts for making this years show what it was.  Based on the high traffic in our booth as well as feedback received from our authorized dealers, seminar attendees, and others that the buzz on Dynalite is only growing.

Furthermore we appreciate all of the positive feedback we received regarding our new website which was recently launched.  With so many Dynalite related photographers willing to share their work and knowledge we hope to keep the site both informative, educational, and at times even entertaining.  Updates will be frequent on the website showing our new advertisements, product demonstrations, reviews, and possible new products to come.

In addition to the new website we encourage you all to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date on all the happenings with the Dynalite.  Thanks again to one and all and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Dynalite VIP Eric Wagner in November PDN!

“Derek Poundstone, America’s Strongest Man®. I wanted to highlight Derek’s intensity and strength without doing a traditional full body shot, so I had him get in a push-up position and hold the pose at the bottom.

The expression in his eyes says it all. I converted the image to black and white for an added edge. I lit it with an 18” Soft Lite White “Beauty Dish” from above and a 2040 bare head into the cyc wall, and I used a 1000wi unit as my pack. Derek prides himself on his finesse, in addition to his brute strength, something that sets him apart. That comes through in the image based on the subtleties of the set up.” — Eric Wagner

Eric Wagner

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“I had learned a number of lighting systems as a photo assistant but was drawn back to dynalite when choosing a system for my career.  I have used dynalite for nearly 6 years and love every aspect of them.  They are obviously light weight, rugged, and very consistent.  So whether I am on location or in the studio, whether shooting food, fashion or interiors I feel I have the best tools to produce the best images.” – Eric Wagner

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications at Ohio University, where he specialized in photo illustration and photojournalism, Eric Wagner moved to Columbus to start a dynamic career assisting local and national photographers. He spent six years honing his skills and perfecting his style with a high-end commercial studio before breaking away to start his own studio.

Eric Wagner

Illumination, LLC is not just a name, but a fully-equipped studio space in downtown Columbus, featuring a built-in “infinity” wall, state of the art equipment, dressing rooms and in-house editing/retouching services. The word illumination also summarizes Eric’s professional philosophy. His photography is noted for its inspired use of light and the sense that the subject, be it food, architecture, or person, has been enlightened or that some aspect of their character has been revealed by the artist.

Eric’s work with local and national media venues has given him the honor of “illuminating” such public figures as Le Bron James, Drew Lachey, Justin Chambers, Tara Reid, Brandie Malay, Sean Faris, and Brady Quinn. He has also photographed pieces for such national fashion brands as Victoria’s Secret, Limited Brands, Bath and Body Works, Saks Fifth Ave. and Fashion Assassin.

See more of Eric Wagners work below as well as his website