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Learn the secrets of acclaimed photographer Rob Van Petten in Big Shot Workshops on 11/16 – 11/17 at EP Levine’s Exposure Place! Known for his fashionable advertising images with a futuristic flair, there is a whimsical light driven quality about Rob’s work which is apparent in the vibrant style he calls “Near Future”. Rob has been shooting fashion and beauty images and creating award-winning photography for clients including Nikon, Reebok, Gillette and Proctor & Gamble, among 100 major companies, for many years. He is currently venturing into video and new digital dimensions. Rob has recently worked with Nikon through the company’s Tokyo agency, developing promotional images for the new Nikon D800 – the first major pro camera release from Nikon in over three years. The project involved creating promotional images, live speaking appearances, promotional video, and writing on the subject. Rob Van Petten writes a regular column for Nikon World Magazine, moderates the Nikon Digital Learning Center flickr site, and has recently appeared in Range Finder, PDN, Professional Photographer. Digital Photo Pro listed him as one of the Top Ten Innovators and Visionaries of Photographers. To see Rob’s work

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THE SEMINAR – Sat. November 17, 2012

Rob will show his approach to casting, lighting, set design, and the secrets behind the concepts in his sought after beauty and fashion style.  He will demonstrate shooting live models, and show how he works with the make-up artist and stylist to create a look.

The audience attendees will then advise on the selection of the right image from the shoot.  The following instruction will be his post production approach to retouching.  Rob will demonstrate his digital retouching process to making these advertising and fashion images have that final polish.  Lunch will be provided. Please see the lunch options at checkout – because we’re all about the food.

Skill Level:  Open to all levels.


9:00 –  9:30: Registration

9:30 – 10:30: Presentation – see examples of Rob’s award winning work as he tells the story behind the images.

10:30 – 10:45: BREAK

10:45 – 12:30: Demonstration – Live shoot – Hair, make-up, styling, directing, crew, discussing of lighting, lens choice, lens qualities, placement and quality of light.  Finesse and more finesse.

12:30 – 1:30: LUNCH

1:30  -  3:45: Retouching in Photoshop and printing.

3:45  -  4:00: BREAK

4:00  -  5:00: Review & Q&A with Rob


THE WORKSHOP – Sun. November 18, 2012 - Limited to 15 Students

For a select few – Rob will conduct a hands-on workshop shooting fashion and beauty models.  Attendees will break up into 3 teams and all shoot, pose and light fashion images of male and female models.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own concepts or magazine tear sheets to use as concepts. Hair and make-up, lighting, directing all aspects of the digital workflow and editing will be addressed.  Students are recommended to bring their own DSLR.  Rental equipment is available.  Lunch will be provided.  Please see the lunch options at checkout – because we’re all about the food.

Skill Level:  Basic knowledge of DSLR, studio, and Photoshop


9:00   –  9:30: Registration

9:30   – 10:30: Presentation – Rob will first briefly recap their presentation from the previous day’s seminar.

10:30 – 10:45:   BREAK

10:45 – 12:30: The attendees will divide into teams to shoot 3 models with 3 separate sets.  (White, black, other variations).

12:30  -  1:30: LUNCH

1:30    -  3:45: Teams will rotate among the 2nd and 3rd sets and continue shooting through the duration of the session.  Wrap  up with final selection of images and discussion and suggestions for editing.

3:45   –  4:00: BREAK

4:00  -   5:00: Review and Q & A with Rob.

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Ezequiel De La Rosa

Ezequiel De La Rosa

Ezequiel De La Rosa was born in Cuba and has lived in New York City for over 20 years. Having lived in Paris and Milan, he has traveled extensively in Europe as well as South America. Collecting a broad range of experience in his travels, the roots of his career in style began as a professional hair and makeup artist working with the illustrious Scavullo, James Moore, Guy Bordain, and Terrance Donovan.

In 1999 having been trained by the finest, De La Rosa started his own venture, picked up a camera and never looked back. Having his finger on the pulse of style has been integral to his success. As a professional photographer his work has been featured in top fashion magazines around the world. Beyond that, his down to earth attitude makes people feel at ease and his ability to interact with a variety of personalities has gained him trust of many celebrities and publicists. Clients appreciate his artistic composition, responsiveness to their special requests and his ability to adapt. His enthusiasm and expertise as well as his traditional photographic technique mixed with state of the art technology keeps his work on the cutting edge.

De La Rosa continues to work as a photographer for major advertising agencies as well as celebrities and editorial magazines. There is no telling how far De La Rosa will go with his venture in photography.


See more of EZ’s work

EZ Studios


Vered Koshlano

Israeli born, Vered Koshlano is a NYC based photographer specializing in beauty and fashion. Her clients include Canon USA, Dentsu advertising agency, Royal Apparel, Nylon, Benzo, Italian Vogue as well as numerous cosmetic, hair salons and apparel designers.

Vered is a self-taught photographer who first became  fascinated with photography at a young age. “I always loved looking at old masters, classical paintings and try to recreate some of that feeling of perfect, ethereal beauty using my lens instead of a paint brush.”

With no formal training, Vered has found trial and error is one of the best ways to learn about photography.

“Go out and experiment, see what works and what doesn’t. Train your eyes to capture the story your brain wants to tell.”  With this, Dynalite has helped the image in Vered’s brain come to life in front of her camera.

Shooting almost exclusively in her studio in NYC Vered put various strobe equipment through the same trial and error she put herself through when learning photography, in the end Dynalite stood apart from the rest.

“The power packs are so rugged and compact and with fast recycle times I could focus on directing the models instead of counting the seconds.”  A “typical” shoot can range from in her studio with 1 light to across the country with a multiple light setup according to Vered.“The power packs and flash heads are very compact and durable which is perfect for me.  A few years ago I had to fly across the country to photograph the Canon Print Masters  and my Dynalite equipment came along and got the job done when I needed it most.”


Vered Koshlano has experience on both sides of the camera. Combining her experience as an actress with her technical expertise, she specializes in fashion, beauty, and glamour studio shots. She has been a featured instructor at the Lepp Institute of Photography and is a regular fixture in Canons Photo Shows.