Lighting Workshop Rodeo


© Rob Van Petten

This full day workshop is geared towards the working photographer. It explores various lighting possibilities to add to your repertoire. Get ready for a workshop that goes beyond the basics.  In the morning choose between learning how to create high impact portraits with speedlites or build your understanding of how to shoot a high end product in a more compelling way. In the afternoon, get inspiration for shooting a business person on location, or learn new tricks in studio and location lighting. To close out the day we’ll have a special presentation which will explore interesting lighting techniques that leverage the unique properties of digital capture to create stunning  effects with “Lighting in Layers” & “False Color Lighting” techniques.

Most presenters will be demonstrating in the studio using either actual products shot for clients or live models.  Some presenters may leave time at the end of their demonstration for participants to take advantage of the studio setup and apply what they have learned using their own camera or they will leave time for Q&A.


© Rob Van Petten

In addition to exciting presentations, several lighting manufacturer representatives will be on hand display and answer question regarding the latest and greatest equipment, including Jim Morton from Dynalite as well as Dynalite VIP Rob Van Petten.  Rob will be giving a three hour workshop designed to build your confidence in studio and location lighting with a variety of lighting tools. Beyond the safety of the soft box there is a menu of other lighting options that give your lighting mood, dramatic effects, and individual style.  You will learn the use of a variety of light modifiers separately and in combinations. Rob will demonstrate building a rhythm of light zones – light dynamics – made easy with a live model demonstration.

Lunch, snacks, and coffee will be provided during the event.


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Dynalite Helps Light Official Team Portrait Of New York Mets

Since 2006 Dynalite Inc. has been honored to work with New York Mets official team photographer Marc Levine in taking the team portraits from outfields of Shea Stadium to in the last few years at Citi Field.  Portrait sessions are always simple on the surface, but as any photographer can tell you there are many obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome to have a successful image.  If you thought shooting a family of four in a studio over the course of an hour is difficult, shooting a major leauge baseball roster in just a few minutes in center field might not be for novice photographer.

With most studio based portraits photographers are offered the luxury that is control of all the lighting and elements indoors, however in grassy outfield of Citi Field, you are subject to unpredictable winds and the sun, which makes you appreciate professional baseball players fielding each time Dynalite lights the team portrait.  With Mets official team photographer Marc Levine in charge of posing and capturing the image, it fell to Dynalite to balance out these elements to provide a even and controlled lighting environment.

To accomplish this, Dynalite utilized three of our SP1600 power packs, SH2000 studio heads, along with two Rime Lite 71″ Grand Series and a single 12×71 strip bank. The equipment itself might seem minimal, however the obstacles presented by shooting a professional baseball roster and team officials can be many.  And for the past 6 years, our gear has accomplished this difficult feat.

The time of day is always key in outdoor portraiture, especially when utilizing strobes to balance out ambient light with the sun.  Although this is an obstacle, it also is a favor as the stadium background in the portrait is purely ambient light, this allows us to concentrate on our subjects and foreground.  With this many subjects of varying size, complexion, attire including wearing baseball caps, shadow and light must be balanced on our subjects.

This balance is achieved by equalling the power of the sun in the foreground but not to the point of creating harsh shadows on our subjects.  This is achieved by using the Rime Lite Grand 71″ parabolic reflectors which not only distributes soft even lighting including no harsh shadows on the subjects.  With the sun behind and overhead, lighting for the players wearing baseball caps requires additional light modification.

To accomplish evenly lit faces of the players and personnel, we utilized the 12×71 strip bank from Rime Lite positioned low and horizontally between the two 71″ Grands.  With a lower position and the shape of the bank, this head is directly lighting the subjects, and the Grands filling balancing out the light and shadows on the foreground as well as the subjects.

Each SP1600 power pack has a built-in PocketWizard™ MultiMax receiver enabling wireless syncing to Marc Levine’s camera.  Although packed with 1600 watt seconds of power, the SP1600′s were in fact powered down to increase the speed of the flash duration for this image. In the end we were able to shoot at 1/125 ƒ 9.0 at ISO 200 on a Nikon D800.

Below is the finished image provided by Marc Levine that shall be the official 2012 New York Mets team portrait.  It is always an honor and a privilege for Dynalite to be part of what has become an annual tradition.  Special thanks to Michael Corrado for providing the candid images included in this post.


© Marc Levine Photography



Center For Digital Imaging Arts – Boston!

Jim Morton: Education Director at Dynalite will be bringing up the new Roadmax 1000 watt packs with the MH-2050 heads and other new and evolved studio heads.


See the acclaimed 18” Beauty dish – with the NEW 18 Grid for the dish. Marvel in awe at the new Dynalite Ringflash. A rare and beautiful piece of gear indeed. Turn your white balance green with envy on 3 sets of new Dynalite equipment.

Be the first on your block to shoot, handle, and feel the sheer joy of syncing up to a Dynalite. Be amazed at the quality of this fine gear! Be impressed at how feather light it all is! Be proud of it’s American crafted design. BE THERE. OR BE SQUARE!!!!

• Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts
• DATE: NOVEMBER 15, 2011
• TIME: 4:30 P.M. – 6 P.M.

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Photo Plus Expo Wrap Up

The 2010 Photo Plus Expo is now in the books and we would like to thank all of our loyal Dynalite users, VIP Photographers, speakers, and new studio strobe enthusiasts for making this years show what it was.  Based on the high traffic in our booth as well as feedback received from our authorized dealers, seminar attendees, and others that the buzz on Dynalite is only growing.

Furthermore we appreciate all of the positive feedback we received regarding our new website which was recently launched.  With so many Dynalite related photographers willing to share their work and knowledge we hope to keep the site both informative, educational, and at times even entertaining.  Updates will be frequent on the website showing our new advertisements, product demonstrations, reviews, and possible new products to come.

In addition to the new website we encourage you all to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date on all the happenings with the Dynalite.  Thanks again to one and all and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Dynalite – Unique Photo Student Trade Show

Dynalite will be  present for the upcoming Student Trade Show at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ.  Director of Educational Sales Jim Morton shall be at the trade show on October 18, 2010 with Dynalite products for attendees to see and use first hand.  The event will take place between  12:30-4:00PM, there is no entry or registration fee. In fact, you don’t have to register; just show up with your student ID and you will be allowed in.  There will be free pizza and refreshments provided for those in attendance.

Director of Educational Sales Jim Morton at the Unique Photo Student Trade Show

Dynalite VIP Rob Van Petten at Boston University

Dynalite VIP Rob Van Petten instructed recently at the Center For Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.  Students and attendees witnessed first hand how Rob creates his images which have been used worldwide. 

Rob Van Petten lecturing students at CFDIA at BU.

Rob Van Petten using the Dynalite Ring Flash

Thank you Jim Morton and the folks at Dynalite for coming up to CDIA and letting me show off all your beautiful new toys. This SR-3200 Ring Flash is a beautifully designed piece and is much lighter than it looks. The beauty dish grid is also on my list. Great fun. Very successful event. Thanks Jim! Thanks CDIA for inviting us to do this. - Rob Van Petten