Location Lighting Workshop with Rick Friedman

To learn about portable lighting techniques that have enabled Rick Friedman to capture his on-location, award-winning imagery around the world, sign up and join in for one of his upcoming comprehensive workshops!  One of the key things that he will share in a “very hands-on way” is how to better control your lighting.  This dynamic, intensive, interactive seminar is designed for portrait photographers, photojournalists, corporate and event photographers, weddings photographers, and serious amateurs who want to improve their knowledge of illumination and lighting.  If you attend Rick’s class, you can plan on leaving feeling empowered to capture great images no matter what lighting situation you come up against!


Location Lighting Workshops ™ 2014 Schedule


January 18-19, 2014
The Societies Photographic Convention, London, UK
January 18 Creative Lighting
January 19 Location Lighting

January 31-February 1
Location Lighting Workshop , Calumet Cambridge

February 14-15, 2014
Location Lighting Workshop, Calumet San Diego, CA

February 17-18
Location Lighting Workshop, Calumet Santa Ana, CA

February 21-22, 2014
Location Lighting Workshop, Calumet Ft. Lauderdale, FL

March 22 , 2014
Lighting Portraits, Unique Photo, Fairfield, NJ (registration link coming soon)

March 28-29
Location Lighting Workshop Calumet Philadelphia

March 31-April
Location Lighting Workshop Calumet Washington/Tyson’s Corner

April 8, 2014
Boston Camera Club

April 16, 2014
Cape Cod Camera Club

April 27, 2014
NHPPA Annual Conference, Laconia, NH

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Rick Friedman has been a photojournalist for over three decades. Based in Boston, he travels the world for numerous publications, corporations, advertising assignments and film and television productions. His published work appears in Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, The New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Stern, Discover and many other publications. He has produced over 75 book and magazine covers. The books Hillary Clinton, Infra Structures, and The Gourmet Prescription are a few of his projects.

He is currently the President of the Boston Press Photographers Association. Friedman has won awards from the American Society of Media Photographers, the National Press Photographers Association, and the Boston Press Photographers Association. To learn more about Friedman, his work and workshops, visit:  http://rickfriedman.com

Kevin Ames: Basic Electronic Flash For Natural Light Photographers at PPE 2013


Electronic Flash for Natural Light Photographers Promo from Kevin Ames on Vimeo.

Natural light is beautiful.  It can be harsh, soft, direct or reflected, dramatic, romantic, and more- but it cant be predicted.  Overcast days are soft light no matter what.  After the sun sets, natural light is gone.  It’s scarce indoors, too.  Electronic flash is available anytime: night or day.  Indoors or out.  It’s all a matter of learning how it works.  This class will be about creating any kind of light- harsh, soft, dramatic, or romantic, at any time of day, even in a dark room, thanks to versatility of electronic flash. Professional photographer, Sigma Pro and Dynalite VIP Kevin Ames will begin by explaining how to recognize the qualities of light and understand how they are created, and how to use a light meter to get the correct exposure every time.

With that background covered, Ames will create harsh light in a live demo with a model.  Using what he calls, “full disclosure lighting and exposure” he will project the photographs on the classroom’s screen along with the camera’s RAW readings which he will use to refine color, contrast, and exposure. He will explain controlling contrast with light, then how to soften the light for romantic effect.  Background brightness is another consideration.  Ames will share how to know exactly what value a background will have in a photograph before it is taken.  He will demonstrate simple tools to correct color and refine exposure that work with flash or natural light, taking the guesswork out of setting these important controls.

This class is scheduled for Saturday Oct 26, 2013 from 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM in room SA1 of the Jacob Javitz Center.  It is perfect for experienced natural light photographers who understand exposure and want to add the control and versatility of electronic flash to their tool kits.  It is also a great introduction to studio and location lighting.  Beginner to intermediate levels.

Photo Plus Expo Booth #134

Dynalite is proud to be exhibiting at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo in New York City, October 23-26, 2013, and we hope to see you there!

If you haven’t registered yet, register today to receive free entry to the show floor and visit Dynalite in booth #134.

PhotoPlus Expo is the largest photography event in the U.S. and offers the best opportunity to explore an inspiring array of photography and imaging products and services. From the newest digital cameras hitting the market to imaging software, PhotoPlus Expo is the #1 source for the latest technologies and hottest products.

To receive free 3-day admission to Expo Only, please register using this link by October 22, 2013. This offer is not valid on-site.

Conference: Oct 23-26 | Expo: Oct 24 – 26
Javits Convention Center – New York, NY

The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo is the largest photography and imaging show in North America, attended by over 23,000 professional photographers and enthusiasts. Explore over 300 exhibits, see thousands of new products, attend conference seminars, keynote presentations, special events & much more.

Photo Plus Show Special Rebate Extended

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Due to the conditions brought upon by Hurricane Sandy; the promotion Dynalite ran at the Photo Plus Expo shall be extended through November 30th with rebate forms received by Dynalite no later than December 10th.

Photo Plus Expo Wrap Up

The 2010 Photo Plus Expo is now in the books and we would like to thank all of our loyal Dynalite users, VIP Photographers, speakers, and new studio strobe enthusiasts for making this years show what it was.  Based on the high traffic in our booth as well as feedback received from our authorized dealers, seminar attendees, and others that the buzz on Dynalite is only growing.

Furthermore we appreciate all of the positive feedback we received regarding our new website which was recently launched.  With so many Dynalite related photographers willing to share their work and knowledge we hope to keep the site both informative, educational, and at times even entertaining.  Updates will be frequent on the website showing our new advertisements, product demonstrations, reviews, and possible new products to come.

In addition to the new website we encourage you all to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date on all the happenings with the Dynalite.  Thanks again to one and all and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Setting Up The Dynalite Booth At PPE

Slowly but surely, the Dynalite booth emerges from the trade show floor.

We have enough power packs to light up NYC, however our booth does not yet have electricity.  Exhibitor services promises they will send over an electrician ASAP.
He didn’t know exactly where he was.  His hair was frizzy and had smoke coming off of it.  His eyes kept blinking and his speech sputtered … Yep, our hero had arrived, this was clearly our electrician.

After the valiant efforts of the electrician, our booth had power and Dynalite’s booth at Photo Plus Expo was officially up and running.

We will be updating more pictures of our speakers as well as general images from the trade show floor throughout the Photo Plus Expo event.  Feel free to come by and see us at booth # 653.