Curious Critters, Landscapes and more with David Fitzsimmons

Join Dave Fitzsimmons and photograph live animals in this hands-on curious critters workshop and  create your own white-background animal images. After explaining the history of his project, Dave will share his experience and discuss techniques, the challenges, and purposes for photographing often-overlooked creatures.

There will be a live Curious Critters shoot—using live subjects in his light tent, Dave will discuss positioning lights, posing animals, and processing images. Time will be included for participants to try their hands at shooting.

Dave FitzSimmons is a free-lance photographer and writer as well as a professor at Ashland University. Dave photographs and writes for various magazines, including Popular Photography and Shutterbug. He currently is at work on a handful of books, including Animals of Ohio’s Ponds and Vernal Pools (Kent State UP, May 2011). Dave’s calendar credits include numerous titles by Brown Trout and Barnes & Noble.

One of six Sigma Pro photographers in North America, Dave presents seminars and workshops across North America. His works have been exhibited at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute and the National Center for Nature Photography, among other venues. He is assisted in his natural history endeavors by his wife, Olivia, and his two daughters, Sarah and Phoebe.

Self-Publishing Workshop with Peter Bowerman
July 22, 2013
Peninsula, OH
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June 30, 2013
Hadley, MA
Hunt’s Photo

“Curious Critters”
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

August 3, 2013
Fairfiled, NJ

Unique Photo
11 AM – 3PM

June 29, 2013
Hadley, MA

Hunt’s Photo
“Curious Critters”
7:00 – 8:30 PM

August 3, 2013
Fairfield, NJ
Unique Photo
“Curious Critters” Photography Exhibit Reception & Artist’s Talk
Reception 6:00 – 7:00 PM, Artist’s Talk 7:00 – 8:00 PM

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CURIOUS CRITTERS Gallery Exhibit Schedule
May 1 – July 26, 2013
Indianapolis Public Libarary, Central Library, Indianapolis, IN

August 2 – Sept. 30, 2013
Unique Photo, Fairfield, NJ

June 18 – July 13, 2013
Image City Photography Gallery, Rochester, NY

If your gallery is interested in booking the CURIOUS CRITTERS exhibit,
please call 419-892-2900.

More Coming Soon!

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Ellen Denuto


My unique and varied creative background began as a child who asked the universe to show her everything there was in the world. Never really able to express myself through other mediums, that world opened when I picked up a camera and it became my constant trusted friend. Now I could capture the concrete and invisible subtleties I sensed but could not put into words.

My mother recognizing my talent or direction for this different child, entered me into a relatively major juried exhibition where I won Best In Show. It was then that I realized that what I did mattered.
After studying Art and Education in college, I went on to represent and have professional affiliations with the Minolta, Agfa and Ilford Corporations, as guest Speaker and contributing photographer for their product publications and trade shows.

I have used Dynalite products since they were introduced to the photography market.  The small power packs and daylight balanced modeling light were just what I needed when shooting fashion on location.  I still have my original power pack, and use it with the additional packs, heads, and beauty dishes.”

An original contributor for The Image Bank – founder Larry Freed selected abody of my personal images at to be part of his International Collection which led to assignments with Japanese agents and publishers, as well as worldwide exposure. An exhibition at The Lever House Gallery in NYC won a review from Fred McDarrah of the Village Voice naming me “A brilliant punk fashion
photographer to watch”.

This caught the attention of city Art Directors and soon I was on the pages of magazines such as FOTO, Darkroom Photography, GRAPHIS, Minolta Mirror, Japanese Playboy and the face
of the new generation of photographers in the poster AMERICAN VISION for NYU’s Washington Square Gallery exhibition of the same name. While enjoying commercial success, I stay connected to my artist self through personal projects such as The Artist as Art and The Other America.

Ellen is a regular juror, guest speaker and workshop leader for the American Society of Media Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, Professional Woman

Lisa Sciascia

Lisa Sciascia has pursued her passion for photography for over 20 years and loves the life that goes along with it. Always excited by the daily challenge of developing an idea into a strong visual concept to a final beautiful image that fulfills needs of her clients with quality images that they want, need, and expect. Forward thinking Lisa and her team always embraces, tests, and master the latest technology.

Lisa grew up in New York and currently divides her time between New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. She enjoys travelling from one job to another to meet with clients. Lisa’s artistic interpretation combined with her distinctions of lighting allow her to create a unique image for each client. Whether its advertising, fashion, beauty, or a celebrity shoot, on location or in studio, Lisa brings her energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and over 20 years experience all while having a fun shoot!

I think I have had my Dynalite’s for more than 15 years and they have remained my main source of lighting. They have been extremely reliable. I love the ability to vary the power in small amounts and that a power pack is light and easy to travel with. – Lisa Sciascia







See more of Lisa’s work on her website




Jeremy Saffer

Jeremy Saffer began making the rounds within the magazine world at the young age of 17, publishing his work on the covers of such varied publications as Metal Maniacs, Hails and Horns, AMP, Outburn and many more. Saffer has blazed his own trail, working with artists, celebrities and models from all across every spectrum. From My Chemical Romance, Jeffree Star, and A Day to Remember, to Megadeth, Alice Cooper, The Misfits, Rob Schneider, and even Gary Busey…all have spent time in front of Jeremy’s watchful eye and steady hand at one point or another.

Jeremy establishes relationships with his subjects; he has earned the trust and respect of his peers via his attention to detail, and an unerring work ethic, which can only result from years of hard work.
Recent years have seen a flurry of activity from the Western Mass native. Whether it’s organizing his own seminars and workshops, releasing his acclaimed Bring the Noise collection of band photography, or adding to the ever-growing collection of record and magazine covers featuring his work. The immediate future holds even more possibility for Jeremy, with an imminent and highly anticipated collection of Corpse Painted Nude photography set to turn the rock photography world on its ear, and even more surprises lurking around the corner.


One thing is certain: whatever does wait for Jeremy Saffer out there in the shadows…odds are pretty good that he’s going to shoot it.

Whether on tour, on location, or around the studio; Dynalite has been my choice of lighting since I first began my career behind a camera. The Jackrabbit kit is the perfect portrait kit; being lightweight, versatile, battery powered and most importantly, rugged.I could be in the dead of winter shooting on a frozen lake, or in the middle of a dessert shooting under a cloudless sky, and the Dynalite kit will never fail to fire, recycle quickly, and provide consistent and perfect lighting, no matter the shooting conditions. Dynalite has proven, time and time again to be the best, never fail lighting, that I can always trust to provide the most consistent and balanced lighting for anything that finds its way in front of my lens. – Jeremy Saffer









The Intimate Portrait with Joyce Tenneson

There are many elements that go into creating a memorable portrait. Not surprisingly, many of them start with the photographer rather than with the subject. Designed to guide you in developing a style that is consistent with your own personality and interests, this four-day workshop with portrait master Joyce Tenneson explores and demystifies many of the inhibitions photographers typically experience when working on portraits of people.

We work with models, and each other, to create images that go below the surface and penetrate deeply into the subject’s character. Outdoors on location, we make use of the beautiful light of Santa Fe. We also have access to The Workshops portrait studio, where she demonstrates the simple lighting techniques she has used for creating her many memorable portraits.

For anyone looking to improve their creativity as a portrait photographer—from composition to styling to lighting—this workshop will give you the confidence you need to move you forward in the wonderful and exciting world of the portrait.

Click Here For More Information On Joyce’s Sante Fe Workshop March 28 – March 31, 2012

Joyce Tenneson, one of the leading photographers of her generation, was ranked in a recent poll of American Photo readers as one of the 10 most influential women in the history of photography. Her work, shown in exhibitions worldwide and part of numerous private and museum collections, has appeared on the covers of Time, Life, Newsweek, Premiere, Esquire, and The New York Times Magazine.

Joyce is the author of 13 books, including the best-selling Wise Women, which was featured in a six-part Today show series. Her most recent book, Joyce Tenneson: A Life in Photography, is a retrospective look at her long career. A sensitive and gifted instructor, she has facilitated the growth of many photographers over the years. This is Joyce’s 19th year teaching at the Workshops. Her web site address is




Simply China By Dynalite VIP Nancy Brown

My Photographic Journey Through China

First and most important is that I love China and the Chinese people. I have been a photographer for over thirty years and when I stepped off the plane for my first visit to China in 2005 I began my photographic love affair with China and its people.

I wish I had gone to China many years ago. Since my first trip I have been back many times and I hope to go many more. It is heaven for me to be wandering around villages and remote areas of China with my cameras around my neck.

“Simply China” is a collection of my favorite images taken over a period of five years and six trips to China. It is a large (10″ x12.5″) coffee table book with 290 pages of images (after much editing) and my China story.

Hope you enjoy my experiences in China and the images in the unforgettable Chinese colors as much as I did making them.

Nancy Brown has been a commercial photographer for over thirty years specializing in lifestyle and beauty images for advertising agencies, magazines, design firms, book publishers, and pharmaceutical agencies. After working out of her New York studio for thirty years she now works out of her studio in Boca Raton, Florida.

Nancy has had five photography books published and was made a Nikon Legend in 2001. Getty Images is her stock agency.

Since her first visit to China in 2005 (and five trips since), China has become her favorite beauty subject. Nancy says, “Making the images in this book was pure joy and I hope that those who see the images feel the beauty and spirit of China as I do.”

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Stephen Eastwood’s Beauty & Fashion Workshop + Webinar

A comprehensive course taught by the renowned NYC Fashion and Beauty photographer, and Canon’s “Explorer of Light” and “Printmaster” – Stephen Eastwood.


This intense one day in-studio course will cover shooting Beauty and Fashion from both a commercial and a highly conceptual perspective held at Studio 212 in Metuchen, NJ.  Three “core” lighting setups with lighting provided by Dynalite will be explained, and the participants will have a chance to shoot on those setups with Stephen’s guiding.  Group size is limited to 6 participants per day to ensure an intimate atmosphere conducive to learning.


This workshop consists of a one day in-studio course, and an online webinar the following Sunday, August 21st.  We wanted to keep the group sizes small, so we’re doing the in-studio portion twice – Saturday August 13th and again on Sunday the 14th.



The in-studio portion of this workshop is broken up into 3 parts.  Each part will cover one “core” lighting setup and then it’s variations, and will consist of an overview/lecture, live shooting by Stephen and Q&A.  There is a time allotment for participants to shoot, but since this is an educational workshop, that time will be somewhat limited.

Part 1 – Commercial Fashion.
This section will focus primarily on shooting clean commercial style of fashion that’s most suitable for catalogs and lookbooks.

Part 2 – Commercial Beauty.
Expanding on part 1, but with focus on more portraiture and beauty oriented imagery.

Part 3 – Conceptual Fashion and Beauty.
This section will expand on parts 1 and 2, and will concentrate on a more stylized conceptual style well suited for editorial submissions.

Online retouching lecture/webinar.

This six hour online event will feature a retouching lecture/demo by Stephen, and will be specifically tailored to deal with the images the participants shot the previous weekend.  The webinar is broken up into two parts.

Part 1 – Retouching Lecture/Demo.
In this part Stephen will walk you through his approach, talk about his retouch strategy and what he wants to accomplish in the final product.  Using images shot the previous weekend as examples, Stephen will address specific challenges associated with each setup and style. He will walk you through sample retouched images layer by layer, explaining his process from beginning to end.

Part 2 – Show and Tell.
During this section Stephen will go through the images the participants shot the previous weekend.  He will provide feedback, suggestions for improvement and offer his strategies and approach for post.  Some of the images will be retouched live, and you’ll be able to watch Stephen work on an image as he’s explaining what he’s doing and why.

This workshop consists of a one day (9 hour) in-studio course (repeated on two days) + a six hour retouching lecture/webinar the following weekend.  The cost of the webinar is included in the price.

Workshop Price = $795

$200 deposit is required for all bookings.  When submitting your deposit, please specify which one of the two in-studio days (Saturday or Sunday) you’re booking.

Please make sure you read the cancellation policy below, before booking.

Please click here to submit your deposit, and book your spot.

Early bird promotions.

Book before Thursday, June 30th – get $100 off.

Book before Saturday, July 16th – get $50 off.