Paradoxical World Of Claire Rosen

For those who could not attend, Dynalite VIP Claire Rosen was recently at the B&H Event Space and gave her presentation of “The Paradoxical World of Claire Rosen.”  Inspired by fashion and fairy tales, photographer Claire Rosen constructs whimsical worlds, designs costumes and captures beauty with her camera:

In this presentation, Claire Rosen will share both personal and commercial work while highlighting her process from inspiration through execution.  Below is a video of the presentation put together by B&H’s Event Space team.



Cash In With Dynalite’s Summer Mail-In Rebates!

The Dynalite summer savings are so hot that when you purchase one of the eligible RoadMax kits listed below you will receive in the mail cold hard cash! When you purchase select RoadMax kits between 6/20/12 – 9/7/12 you are not only getting one of the finest lighting kits on the market, but also a mail-in rebate for up to $200 cash!

Receive $100 Mail-In Cash Rebate from Dynalite when you purchase these eligible Road Max Kits All rebate forms must be received by September 28th to qualify.

MK8-1222     MK16-1222

Receive $200 Mail-In Cash Rebate from Dynalite when you purchase these eligible Road Max Kits

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New Power Packs Available From Dynalite

For over 40 years Dynalite has produced award winning photographic strobe equipment meeting the requirements and demands of photographers while incorporating the latest technology.  Today is no different as Dynalite is proud to announce the all new 400, 800, and 1600 watt second power packs available in the Road and Roadmax series.

Advances in today’s imaging sensors have relinquished the need for excessive power output in today’s strobes, however the need for professional quality remains.  With reductions in size and weight each power pack still maintains the same color temperature and flash consistency as our previous packs and can now recycle faster than ever before!

The 400w/s power pack when compared to the previous 500 w/s models are 1” shorter, 1/2 lb. lighter, and the recycling time is 60% faster!  These packs are perfect for photographers who frequently are bringing their equipment on location.  Available in the Road Series as the RP400 or with a built-in 32 channel Pocket Wizard™ technology as the MP400 in the Roadmax Series.

For those who always wanted the portability of the 500w/s pack with the power of the 1000w/s pack, today we have the solution in the 800w/s power pack! The perfect balance of power and portability the 800w/s power pack has a full power recycling time of just 1.2 seconds while coming in lighter and shorter than the previous 1000w/s power pack.  Excellent for in or out of the studio we offer the RP800 (Road Series) and the MP800 (Roadmax Series) power packs.

The all new 1600w/s power packs are available as the RP1600 (Road Series) and MP1600 (Roadmax Series) are shining examples of Dynalite technology and innovation with the biggest makeover.  Increasing the power 60% from the 1000w/s model did not mean we had to increase the size the same amount. When compared to the 1000w/s model the increases were marginal in height and weight and a mere .8 seconds longer for full recycle time.

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