Lighting Workshop Rodeo


© Rob Van Petten

This full day workshop is geared towards the working photographer. It explores various lighting possibilities to add to your repertoire. Get ready for a workshop that goes beyond the basics.  In the morning choose between learning how to create high impact portraits with speedlites or build your understanding of how to shoot a high end product in a more compelling way. In the afternoon, get inspiration for shooting a business person on location, or learn new tricks in studio and location lighting. To close out the day we’ll have a special presentation which will explore interesting lighting techniques that leverage the unique properties of digital capture to create stunning  effects with “Lighting in Layers” & “False Color Lighting” techniques.

Most presenters will be demonstrating in the studio using either actual products shot for clients or live models.  Some presenters may leave time at the end of their demonstration for participants to take advantage of the studio setup and apply what they have learned using their own camera or they will leave time for Q&A.


© Rob Van Petten

In addition to exciting presentations, several lighting manufacturer representatives will be on hand display and answer question regarding the latest and greatest equipment, including Jim Morton from Dynalite as well as Dynalite VIP Rob Van Petten.  Rob will be giving a three hour workshop designed to build your confidence in studio and location lighting with a variety of lighting tools. Beyond the safety of the soft box there is a menu of other lighting options that give your lighting mood, dramatic effects, and individual style.  You will learn the use of a variety of light modifiers separately and in combinations. Rob will demonstrate building a rhythm of light zones – light dynamics – made easy with a live model demonstration.

Lunch, snacks, and coffee will be provided during the event.


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XP-800 FREE Additional Battery Special w/ Purchase In March!


The Dynalite XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter is answering the needs of today’s location photographers, weighing in at only 15lbs., the XP-800 is filled to the brim with power on the go for your studio strobes as well as modern electronic devices.  Purchase an XP-800 from any of our authorized Dynalite Dealers between March 1st – March 31st 2014 and you receive a FREE XP8-Li battery with with your purchase.  Enjoy the power and portability of the Dynalite XP-800 with extra life from the FREE additional battery while saving dollars with this limited time promotion!

Frankie Leal

“I love the Dynalite products! I won’t show up to a shoot without my lights! They are consistent, dependable, durable and very easy to operate. They always produce the quality of light needed for my standards. One of my favorite features is the built-in pocketwizard™ inside the powerpacks. Thank you for your awesome products that make my job easier.” – Frankie Leal

Frankie-Leal-HeadshotAt the age of 20, Frankie began his professional career as a graphic designer. With his natural artistic aptitude and eye for detail, graphic design came easily to him. At first he hired photographers to take photos for his design projects, but then he realized that he could at least take pictures as well as they did. In 2006, he drove to the local camera store and bought himself his first digital camera; a 6.3 MP Canon Rebel.

His education in photography began from analyzing pictures published inside his favorite magazines. He studied the picture’s highlights and shadows and would then recreate the light quality with his subjects in his studio. He absolutely fell in love with the art of strobe lighting. “I couldn’t get enough of the craft and therefore strived to improve my photographic ability by teaching myself through workshops, books, blogs and reading interviews of those whose work I admired,” said Frankie.

Today, he shoots out of his Los Angeles and Central California studios, but you can also catch him on-location throughout the United States shooting for a wide variety of clients that include several in the entertainment & advertising industries. Frankie’s photographic images are frequently used for print ads, magazine covers, corporate marketing, web-sites and social media marketing.  See more of Frankie’s work at


Curious Critters, Landscapes and more with David Fitzsimmons

Join Dave Fitzsimmons and photograph live animals in this hands-on curious critters workshop and  create your own white-background animal images. After explaining the history of his project, Dave will share his experience and discuss techniques, the challenges, and purposes for photographing often-overlooked creatures.

There will be a live Curious Critters shoot—using live subjects in his light tent, Dave will discuss positioning lights, posing animals, and processing images. Time will be included for participants to try their hands at shooting.

Dave FitzSimmons is a free-lance photographer and writer as well as a professor at Ashland University. Dave photographs and writes for various magazines, including Popular Photography and Shutterbug. He currently is at work on a handful of books, including Animals of Ohio’s Ponds and Vernal Pools (Kent State UP, May 2011). Dave’s calendar credits include numerous titles by Brown Trout and Barnes & Noble.

One of six Sigma Pro photographers in North America, Dave presents seminars and workshops across North America. His works have been exhibited at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute and the National Center for Nature Photography, among other venues. He is assisted in his natural history endeavors by his wife, Olivia, and his two daughters, Sarah and Phoebe.

Self-Publishing Workshop with Peter Bowerman
July 22, 2013
Peninsula, OH
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June 30, 2013
Hadley, MA
Hunt’s Photo

“Curious Critters”
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

August 3, 2013
Fairfiled, NJ

Unique Photo
11 AM – 3PM

June 29, 2013
Hadley, MA

Hunt’s Photo
“Curious Critters”
7:00 – 8:30 PM

August 3, 2013
Fairfield, NJ
Unique Photo
“Curious Critters” Photography Exhibit Reception & Artist’s Talk
Reception 6:00 – 7:00 PM, Artist’s Talk 7:00 – 8:00 PM

To book an event, please call 419-892-2900.

CURIOUS CRITTERS Gallery Exhibit Schedule
May 1 – July 26, 2013
Indianapolis Public Libarary, Central Library, Indianapolis, IN

August 2 – Sept. 30, 2013
Unique Photo, Fairfield, NJ

June 18 – July 13, 2013
Image City Photography Gallery, Rochester, NY

If your gallery is interested in booking the CURIOUS CRITTERS exhibit,
please call 419-892-2900.

More Coming Soon!

See more of David’s work at:

Introducing the MH2065v Flash Head

Introducing the NEW MH2065V Flash Head that can also be used for video with its 300 watt modeling lamp (650 watt modeling lamp optional) and its low noise fan to help keep it cool and give longer life!

Similar to our previous Road Max series flash heads, the MH2065v is a fan cooled 2000 w/s flash head.  With a built-in 120˚ reflector and a 18′ detachable heavy duty cable you maintain all the standards set by previous generations of strobe heads.

Weighing in at 2lbs and a diameter of only 5.125″ makes the MH2065V head seem visually similar to the MH2050, but with a standard 300 watt modeling lamp (and optional 650 watt modeling lamp available) in a protective glass cover, this head is far from what Dynalite has done in the past.

With the standard 300 watt modeling lamp and the improved fan-cooled design, Dynalite photographers can now utilize the MH2065V to capture video with there strobe lighting systems!  Below you will see an example of both the images and video quality the MH2065V is capable of.  All material is © Vincent Ricardel

BUTTERFLY from Vincent Ricardel on Vimeo.


Fine Art Nudes: The Female Form with Manny Cabo


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In this seminar Dynalite VIP Manny Cabo will amply illustrate with a wealth of creative images the techniques used to create a sense of design, composition and imagination in this highly aesthetic and sultry branch of photography. Fine art figure photography embraces a plethora of important tactics that when blended together successfully will disclose a true work of art. The female form is inherently beautiful on its own and needs no approval for accentuating it’s beauty.

It is our job as image makers to properly uphold the majestic power of the female form by adopting the proper techniques to fully captivate audiences with arresting images. With that being said this seminar will discuss all the principles and techniques used to create stunning images of the female nude including, but not limited to: Equipment, Lighting, Composition, Positioning and above all Rapport with the model.



1:00pm – 2:00pm: 
Instructor Manny Cabo will review some of his best work with nude and implied nude models and show you lighting techniques to capture stunningly beautiful body highlights and tasteful images celebrating the female form.

2:00pm – 3:30pm: OPEN MODEL SHOOT - Attendees can photograph an assortment of beautiful models. Some models will be fully nude while others will be posing in lingerie. Each station will be lit with studio lighting.

3:30pm – 4:00pm:
Using images freshly photographed of the models, Manny Cabo will show attendees how to retouch and enhance their images.

All attendees will receive a certificate for 2 FREE Lab Hours in the Unique Photo Computer Lab where they can use their newly learned techniques in the various programs used to enhance their images. (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Nik Software, Etc)

Please bring your camera, a notebook and pen. Please note that because models will be hired for this workshop, there will be no refunds. Age 21+ Event. IDs will be checked at the door.


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Calumet Customer Appreciation Sales Event


Come and meet with Dynalite representatives at Calumet Photo’s Customer Appreciation Sales Event.  We will be showing off the latest and greatest products from Dynalite and Rimelite!

Calumet New York
22 W. 22nd Street
New York, New York 10010

Lighting for Beauty: Simple Lighting For Powerful Images with Manny Cabo


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Join Dynalite VIP Manny Cabo for this popular workshop intensive focusing on the creating powerful beauty shots with simple lighting techniques.  Learn from Manny how to replicate elaborate make up campaigns used by company’s like Revlon, Maybeline and Sephora to name a few.  Sign up today and walk away with an understanding of interplay between shadow and highlight detail, posing, light placement and much more.  Those who attend are eligible for student pricing on Dynalite products!  Sign up today!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

7:00 PM to

Arista Studios

17 Bloomfield Avenue, Pine Brook, NJ

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View more of Manny’s Work on his website!

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Lisa Sciascia

Lisa Sciascia has pursued her passion for photography for over 20 years and loves the life that goes along with it. Always excited by the daily challenge of developing an idea into a strong visual concept to a final beautiful image that fulfills needs of her clients with quality images that they want, need, and expect. Forward thinking Lisa and her team always embraces, tests, and master the latest technology.

Lisa grew up in New York and currently divides her time between New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. She enjoys travelling from one job to another to meet with clients. Lisa’s artistic interpretation combined with her distinctions of lighting allow her to create a unique image for each client. Whether its advertising, fashion, beauty, or a celebrity shoot, on location or in studio, Lisa brings her energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and over 20 years experience all while having a fun shoot!

I think I have had my Dynalite’s for more than 15 years and they have remained my main source of lighting. They have been extremely reliable. I love the ability to vary the power in small amounts and that a power pack is light and easy to travel with. – Lisa Sciascia







See more of Lisa’s work on her website




Dynalite Helps Light Official Team Portrait Of New York Mets

Since 2006 Dynalite Inc. has been honored to work with New York Mets official team photographer Marc Levine in taking the team portraits from outfields of Shea Stadium to in the last few years at Citi Field.  Portrait sessions are always simple on the surface, but as any photographer can tell you there are many obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome to have a successful image.  If you thought shooting a family of four in a studio over the course of an hour is difficult, shooting a major leauge baseball roster in just a few minutes in center field might not be for novice photographer.

With most studio based portraits photographers are offered the luxury that is control of all the lighting and elements indoors, however in grassy outfield of Citi Field, you are subject to unpredictable winds and the sun, which makes you appreciate professional baseball players fielding each time Dynalite lights the team portrait.  With Mets official team photographer Marc Levine in charge of posing and capturing the image, it fell to Dynalite to balance out these elements to provide a even and controlled lighting environment.

To accomplish this, Dynalite utilized three of our SP1600 power packs, SH2000 studio heads, along with two Rime Lite 71″ Grand Series and a single 12×71 strip bank. The equipment itself might seem minimal, however the obstacles presented by shooting a professional baseball roster and team officials can be many.  And for the past 6 years, our gear has accomplished this difficult feat.

The time of day is always key in outdoor portraiture, especially when utilizing strobes to balance out ambient light with the sun.  Although this is an obstacle, it also is a favor as the stadium background in the portrait is purely ambient light, this allows us to concentrate on our subjects and foreground.  With this many subjects of varying size, complexion, attire including wearing baseball caps, shadow and light must be balanced on our subjects.

This balance is achieved by equalling the power of the sun in the foreground but not to the point of creating harsh shadows on our subjects.  This is achieved by using the Rime Lite Grand 71″ parabolic reflectors which not only distributes soft even lighting including no harsh shadows on the subjects.  With the sun behind and overhead, lighting for the players wearing baseball caps requires additional light modification.

To accomplish evenly lit faces of the players and personnel, we utilized the 12×71 strip bank from Rime Lite positioned low and horizontally between the two 71″ Grands.  With a lower position and the shape of the bank, this head is directly lighting the subjects, and the Grands filling balancing out the light and shadows on the foreground as well as the subjects.

Each SP1600 power pack has a built-in PocketWizard™ MultiMax receiver enabling wireless syncing to Marc Levine’s camera.  Although packed with 1600 watt seconds of power, the SP1600′s were in fact powered down to increase the speed of the flash duration for this image. In the end we were able to shoot at 1/125 ƒ 9.0 at ISO 200 on a Nikon D800.

Below is the finished image provided by Marc Levine that shall be the official 2012 New York Mets team portrait.  It is always an honor and a privilege for Dynalite to be part of what has become an annual tradition.  Special thanks to Michael Corrado for providing the candid images included in this post.


© Marc Levine Photography