Faces of Tradition: Weaving Elders of the Andes

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“Faces of Tradition: Weaving Elders of the Andes”  was a book project done for Thrums Books, Loveland, Colo., and the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, (CTTC) Cusco, Peru.  The book was released in November 2013.

Our goal with the book was to portray the various groups of elders from the different indigenous villages in the Cusco area that the Center has established a working relationship with to help save and promote their ancient weaving traditions. These elders are passing on their knowledge to a younger generation so that these villages can then continue to create their beautiful textiles and help provide some income for their weavers and the villages.

We worked in 9 different villages throughout the Andean highlands. Some were near Cusco, and others more then 8 hours away via winding dirt roads. All the villages were between 11,000 and 14,000 feet in altitude. While it was not too hard on equipment, it was at times hard on us. I grew up and live in Colorado and I am used to a higher altitude, but there were days when all of us were dragging and gasping for air.

CTTCCHIN-0467When we arrived at each village, we would scout locations then set up to photograph the weaving elders from that village.  Very few of the villages had electricity and even if they did, it was always a bit iffy. I had been to a few of the villages on another assignment so I knew what to expect. The UNI-400‘s were great for this project. Small and rugged enough, they provided just enough light  for what I needed for the portraits. I normally just used one head for the majority of the portrait shots. The Jackrabbit batteries are small enough so they are easily packed, don’t way a ton and can be charged anywhere in the world. On this project I normally shot tethered to a Mac Book Pro, which allowed me to show the elders what they looked like after we finished, and it always was interesting to see the reactions from them. Many had never seen a photo of themselves and were astonished. The comment I most heard was that they didn’t know they looked so old.



youngJoeI grew up in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado, near a little town called Weston. My mother was an avid amateur photographer who loved to photograph her family. Her love seems to have rubbed off on me. In 1976, I moved to L.A. to study photography at Art Center College of Design. It was a great time and place for learning, buzzing with experimentation and promise. But there’s something about Colorado that drew me back.

For the last 30 years I’ve been based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. My studio is in an old red brick building which originally housed a neighborhood grocer back in 1912. My wife and I, plus two dogs and four turtles live upstairs. On assignment I’ve been lucky to travel all over the world taking photographs for a lot of terrific clients.

Joe Coca
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The Female Nude A Timeless Aesthetic with Manny Cabo

Join Manny Cabo for this one of a kind seminar on November 17th at Unique Photo as shares his experience and wisdom with his seminar “Female Nude: A Timeless Aesthetic.”  In this seminar Manny will amply illustrate with a wealth of creative images the techniques used to create a sense of design, composition and imagination in this highly aesthetic and sultry branch of photography. Fine art figure photography embraces a plethora of important tactics that when blended together successfully will disclose a true work of art. The female form is inherently beautiful on its own and needs no approval for accentuating it’s beauty. It is our job as image makers to properly uphold the majestic power of the female form by adopting the proper techniques to fully captivate audiences with arresting images. With that being said this seminar will discuss all the principles and techniques used to create stunning images of the female nude including, but not limited to: Equipment, Lighting, Composition, Positioning and above all Rapport with the model.

12:00pm – 1:00pm: 
Instructor Manny Cabo will review some of his best work with nude and implied nude models and show you lighting techniques to capture stunningly beautiful body highlights and tasteful images celebrating the female form.

1:00pm – 3:00pm: OPEN MODEL SHOOT - Attendees can photograph an assortment of beautiful models. Some models will be fully nude while others will be posing in lingerie. Each station will be lit with continuous light.

3:00pm – 3:30pm:
Using images freshly photographed of the models, Manny Cabo will show attendees how to retouch and enhance their images.

All attendees will receive a certificate for 2 FREE Lab Hours in the Unique Photo Computer Lab where they can use their newly learned techniques in the various programs used to enhance their images. (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Nik Software, Etc)

Please bring your camera, a notebook and pen. Please note that because models will be hired for this workshop, there will be no refunds.Age 21+ Event. IDs will be checked at the door.


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Manny Cabo

“I’m a commercial and fashion photographer who enjoys capturing images that pop and tell my story with peak moments.  Most of my work is predominately shot on location and the Dynalite Uni400 is my strobe of choice.  It’s robust design, compact ability and consistent temperature output always delivers.  Over the years I’ve used all the major strobes out there but my affinity for the Dynalite system speaks volumes.  In the studio or out in a dingy dark alley with some new up and coming artist, my Dynalite’s always perform in a dependable manner providing results that are consistent and accurate which makes both myself and my clients very happy when I see the images.  My creed has always been to exceed the expectations of my clients and with the help of my Dynalite strobe equipment I can boldly uphold this statement with the utmost confidence.” -Manny Cabo

New Jersey based photographer Manny Cabo has been capturing his timeless visions since the age of 17 after his dad gave him his first 35mm camera…the rest is history.  Cabo graduated Seton Hall University with an Audio and visual communications degree.  During his 4 year tenure he was awarded the first ever student gallery in the schools 100 year history and became president of the Seton Hall Film Association which he inaugurated in the spring of 1993.   In the spring of 97 Cabo managed one of New York’s premier photo studios 5th & Sunset where he had the privilege of working with and witnessing the artistry of the world’s best photographers including Tom Jackson, David Lachepelle and Jerry Avenaim  to name just a few.

Cabo’s works have graced the pages of numerous newspapers and magazines alike.  Manny is an Aperture software certified trainer and spends a significant amount of time putting on workflow seminars along with on location Editorial, Commercial and figure studies lighting techniques preferring dynamite exclusively for their versatility, efficiency and above all compact ability.   Cabo’s portfolio is a testament to his undeniable photographic range.  His affinity and appreciation for the female form allows him to seamlessly wed his rigorous aesthetics of composition and style with the innate and spontaneous beauty of his subjects which can be seen in his first figure studies book  “Belleza” available in winter 2011. Cabo’s talents have stretched beyond his abilities behind the camera and onto the stage as a successful vocalist.  facilitating the bridge between photographer and the visions of his musical clients.

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