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Mark is passionate about everything he does.  A commercial photographer for two decades, Mark has built a successful career in a very competitive field by bringing a consistent vision to a diverse client base.  Mark thrives on the variety of projects he tackles. “Every day is something different doing exactly what I love”, Mark says, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mark has been featured on national television in Starting Over, 10 Years Younger, and Fitness Fantasy.  His recent and upcoming speaking engagements include the Northwest Arkansas Art Director’s Club, the Professional Photographers of Orange County, and the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Mark was also featured in the lead article in the September 2006 Rangefinder Magazine.  He has been profiled by Hasselblad, was named Artist of the Month on The Digital Bits, and is a regular guest on the Lightsource Photograph Podcasts.  Mark is also a workshop instructor, and has filled workshops at the Santa Fe Workshops, the Julia Dean Workshops, and through his own studio.  His Low Overhead personal project resulted in a Mini-Book and was shown in 2005 at the premier cinema entertainment  complex in Hollywood, Arclight Cinemas.  The Low Overhead Widget is easily found on the Apple website.

Mark’s new collection of personal work, The Bed Project, has been extremely well received and is currently being prepared for publication.

Mark talks about his approach to photography. “I take out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary, until the only elements that remain are those which are entirely essential; the best photographs are usually the simplest.” “It’s about getting something honest out of who I’m shooting.”  Even the most challenging personalities come across as relaxed in his images.  Not surprisingly, Mark has found himself shooting celebrities as well as CEOs.

“From the beginning, I have always been motivated by the fun and challenge of assignment photography.  There are a lot of photographers who shoot commercially to support their art, but I seem to do my favorite work on assignment.  There is nothing else I would rather do.”

Mark lives and works in Los Angeles in a tall yellow house on the side of a hill. His neighbors often question the bright flashes that periodically emanate from his studio, as well as the comings and goings of beautiful and mysterious women into the wee hours of the night.  Mark does little to dispel even the most outlandish of rumors.

When not creating imagery for advertising agencies, design firms, national magazines, and Fortune 500 companies, Mark moonlights as an international jewel thief and a spy.

You can see Mark’s work, including The Bed Project, check his workshop schedule, and read more about him at