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Israeli born, Vered Koshlano is a NYC based photographer specializing in beauty and fashion. Her clients include Canon USA, Dentsu advertising agency, Royal Apparel, Nylon, Benzo, Italian Vogue as well as numerous cosmetic, hair salons and apparel designers.

Vered is a self-taught photographer who first became  fascinated with photography at a young age. “I always loved looking at old masters, classical paintings and try to recreate some of that feeling of perfect, ethereal beauty using my lens instead of a paint brush.”

With no formal training, Vered has found trial and error is one of the best ways to learn about photography.

“Go out and experiment, see what works and what doesn’t. Train your eyes to capture the story your brain wants to tell.”  With this, Dynalite has helped the image in Vered’s brain come to life in front of her camera.

Shooting almost exclusively in her studio in NYC Vered put various strobe equipment through the same trial and error she put herself through when learning photography, in the end Dynalite stood apart from the rest.

“The power packs are so rugged and compact and with fast recycle times I could focus on directing the models instead of counting the seconds.”  A “typical” shoot can range from in her studio with 1 light to across the country with a multiple light setup according to Vered.“The power packs and flash heads are very compact and durable which is perfect for me.  A few years ago I had to fly across the country to photograph the Canon Print Masters  and my Dynalite equipment came along and got the job done when I needed it most.”


Vered Koshlano has experience on both sides of the camera. Combining her experience as an actress with her technical expertise, she specializes in fashion, beauty, and glamour studio shots. She has been a featured instructor at the Lepp Institute of Photography and is a regular fixture in Canons Photo Shows.