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The difference between “Otherlite” and Dynalite” is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning (with apologies to Mark Twain). I’ve been using Dynalites for 20 years, ever since my first days in NYC as an assistant.

The main reason I’ve stayed with them, other than their reliability and size, is those 2040 flash heads. Nothing I’ve found has come close to the evenness of light that comes out of the 2040s. It’s the even light, the lack of a hot spot, that makes them such great heads for light banks, or to use directly at the subject. It’s the closest I’ve experience to my perfect light source, the sun!

Chosen as Studio Magazine’s “Studio of the Year” for 1992, Jack Reznicki is one of the best known and most respected people photographers in the country. A 1976 graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, he opened his New York studio in 1980. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many major companies. In addition, he has also written a book entitled Illustration Photography published by Watson-Guptill. Jack has served as President of the New York chapter and is currently a Winona Trustee and a Board Member of ASMP/NY.