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I use Dynalites because they are dependable, have a fast recycle, and they’re light enough for me to travel to locations with even when I don’t have assistants. In the past 10 years, I have only had to have my units repaired once and that was because Keith Richards accidentally spilled a bottle of whiskey on one of the power packs! There’s something else I like about Dynalites that may seem unimportant, but what I surround myself with visually has an effect on me: I like the way they look. I like the color of the pack. I like the look of the heads…call me superficial, but I fell in love with them the first time I saw them so many years ago sitting next to some big clunky units. I’m happy to say that this love affair has lasted because my Dynalites have always been good to me.

A portrait photographer and photo journalist, Lynn’s subjects have varied from entertainment personalities to sports stars, from film directors to authors, from the extraordinary to the ordinary man on the street. Her work has appeared on and between the covers of Life, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Us, People, National Geographic, Traveler, etc.

In addition to her editorial work, Lynn has contributed to may highly acclaimed photographic books, some of which include: The Story of Kodak, More Reflections on The Meaning of Life, An American Reunion 1993, Rolling Stone – The Photographs, A Day in the Life of America, A Day in

the Life of the National Hockey League.

Two of her self produced books, Circus Dreams and New Kids, have received the Art Director’s Club Award. Her photographic books on Bruce Springsteen and The Police were created for the purpose of calling attention to the human potential. Profits were donated to Save the Children.

Currently, Lynn is working on a book about being multiracial in America.