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Nancy on Dynalite: Nancy’s power pack and strobe head of choice? The M1000XR power pack and the 2040 flash head.

“I’ve been using Dynalites for years and love them. What attracted me to them originally was how small they were, but over the years they have proven to be such workhorses, and rarely need repairs. When they do, Dynalite’s turnaround time is really quick.

Of course I love the people atDynalite, after all they are like family! When I think about all the images we have made with them over the years it’s really amazing.”

Nancy Brown is a photographer, who ironically started on the opposite side of the camera.

After modeling for 20 years, Nancy decided to follow her heart’s ambition and become a photographer. “During all the years I was modeling, photography was my big interest so becoming a photographer was a natural move.

Over the years, Nancy’s clients have been magazines, ad agencies, public relations firms, and pharmaceutical agencies. She has been producing images for stock for many years and contributes to Getty Images on a regular basis.

Her photographs depict her ability to catch that spontaneous moment when the lighting (Dynalites) is just right. Nancy is totally digital now, and continues to shoot with Nikons (D2x & D200). Nikon made her one of their Legends in 2002.

Nancy’s modeling history has given her insight as to how to make shoots productive, especially since her specialty is photographing people. In one of her three photography books, Photographing People for Advertising, Nancy explains in detail how the photographer/model relationship can affect the shot. She has also done two other photography books: Photographing people for stock & Nudes & Beauty Photography.

Nancy has done seminars and workshops throughout the world. She has taught at Maine, Appalachian, Tahoe, and the Palm Beach Photographic Center Workshops.

She now lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and does workshops all year round in her studio and in locations in the area. To see more on Nancy’s work, go to