Networked Solutions


Multipurpose Controller

Combining leading edge and signal dimming control

The Philips Dynalite DMC810GL is an 8 channel controller that provides a combination of control technologies. The ability to control mixed load types from one device provides savings in initial capital costs, installation costs and a reduction in ongoing maintenance.

  • Four channels for control of dimmable loads - Leading edge phase control for use with incandescent, neon, leading edge electronic and iron core transformers.
  • Four signal control outputs - Selectable to 1-10 VDC, DSI and DALI broadcast for control of lamp drivers.
  • Four switched outputs - Signal control outputs can operate in tandem with, or separately from, switched outputs.
  • Interference suppression - Iron powder core toroidal choke lessens effects of interference from other equipment, such as transformers.
  • Naturally ventilated - Requires no forced cooling or maintenance.
  • Diagnostic functionality - Device Online/Offline status reporting.
  • User controls - Incorporates service override switch – all channels to 100% and a diagnostic LED.
  • Options available - Including an additional RS-485 DyNet/DMX512 port or earth leakage and overload protection on each channel.