Networked Solutions


Leading Edge Dimmer Controller

Wall mount direct dimming for a range of lighting loads

The Philips Dynalite DLE1205 is a 12 channel leading edge dimmer controller with a maximum load per channel of 5 A. It is suitable for use with incandescent and neon light sources, as well as iron core and leading edge electronic transformers.

  • Fully rated device - The combination of load capacity and sub-circuit protection delivers a superior solution for small scale commercial applications.
  • Interference suppression - Iron powder core toroidal choke lessens effects of interference from other equipment, such as transformers.
  • Naturally ventilated - Requires no forced cooling or maintenance.
  • Soft start and voltage regulation technologies - Protects lamps from over voltage and dramatically improves lamp life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Diagnostic functionality - Device Online/Offline status reporting.
  • User controls - Incorporates service override switch and three phase indicator LED. Hardware bypass switches are provided for each channel.
  • Options available - Including circuit breaker trip reporting, earth leakage and overload protection on each channel, provision of two or three pole circuit breakers, or neutral disconnect circuit breakers.