Networked Solutions


Trailing Edge Dimmer Controller

Controls a wide range of dimmable electronic transformers

The Philips Dynalite DTE1210 trailing edge dimmer controller features 12 channels, with a maximum load per channel of 10 A and a total box load of 120 A. The trailing edge output makes the device suitable for control of both trailing and leading edge electronic transformers, as well as incandescent lamps and track lighting.

  • Operates from three phase supply - Using a three phase supply when connected to a three circuit track permits the track to be loaded to maximum rating.
  • Voltage regulation and soft start technologies - Protects lamps and extends life dramatically, minimizing re-lamping and ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • Naturally ventilated - Integral ventilation in the housing of the unit means that no forced cooling is required, thereby reducing maintenance.
  • Interface to other devices - Incorporates multipurpose programmable dry contact and analog inputs for interfacing to other devices.
  • Internal controls - Programmable logic controller capable of comprehensive conditional and sequential logic and arithmetic function processing.
  • Options available - Including earth leakage and overload protection on each channel, or three pole circuit breakers.