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Philips Dynalite Announces the Launch of Revolution NA

Philips Dynalite is excited to unveil Revolution NA, a premium user interface (UI) that will ‘revolutionise’ the way its users interact with light.

Revolution marks a shift in the industry towards dynamic fixtures that have the capacity to evolve with the needs of users over time. The contemporary UI is being praised for its modular architecture which offers interior designers countless customisation options, including multiple colour choices, button configurations, and RGB backlit, custom engraved labelling.

Philips Dynalite’s Global Hardware Product Manager, Daniel Walker, says that Revolution NA answers the industry’s call for user interfaces that are intuitive, responsive, accessible, and cost-effective.

“The scope and scale of commercial projects can change without warning,” he said.

“Revolution’s modular architecture enables it to adapt seamlessly as the needs of users change.”

Daniel elaborates on the importance of flexibility throughout the design and install process.

“As a room or building takes on a new purpose, the UI can be updated in a quick and cost-effective manner to reflect those new needs,” he said.

“Revolution is just as powerful as it is sleek and versatile. We’re very proud to introduce it to our portfolio.”

The Revolution is here

As the name suggests, Revolution NA is the North American-style panel that is suitable for but not limited to the North American, South American, Australian, and New Zealand markets. Revolution NA joins Philips Dynalite’s Revolution EU panel which is commonly preferred by the European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian markets.

Some of Revolution’s hallmark features include:

  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetic with light and dark colour options.
  • Custom engraved labelling in a choice of languages and iconography.
  • Field effect technology and environmental sensors.
  • Sustainable design and modular architecture.

Orders can be placed through the Dynalite Design Studio.

About Philips Dynalite:

Philips Dynalite has empowered smart buildings across the globe for over 35 years with its suite of connected lighting solutions.

More than just lighting control, the Dynalite System offers all the powerful integration tools you need to bring your next project to life. Suitable for any project at any scale, this innovative system will help you to transform environments and enhance people’s lives.

Philips Dynalite is a global brand of Signify, the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers, and lighting for the Internet of Things.

Contact Information:

Emma Timbrell – B2B Marketing Communications Specialist, Philips Dynalite

Daniel Walker – Global Hardware Product Manager, Philips Dynalite