Baja B4 with Patrick Murphy-Racey

       *Some of the information contained in Patrick’s video on the Baja contain information has been updated. The receiver unit (BRR-616) is now included when you purchase the BajaB4 head and currently is priced at $599.99 See more of Patrick’s videos on his Vimeo Channel!


Location Lighting Workshop with Rick Friedman

To learn about portable lighting techniques that have enabled Rick Friedman to capture his on-location, award-winning imagery around the world, sign up and join in for one of his upcoming comprehensive workshops!  One of the key things that he will share in a “very hands-on way” is how to better control your lighting.  This dynamic, […]


Dusk, Spotlight, Fog & Music

Recently, a post of mine shared the planning process and the initial set build for a portrait session for Atlanta musician Jeff Paige. This one deep dives into the rest of the details. Lighting Without question every photograph is all about the light. The tools available allow us to sculpt exactly the look and feel […]


Planning a Musician’s Photoshoot

Atlanta musician, Jeff Paige came to me with his challenge of rebranding his look for his online presence as well as for upcoming releases of his work. The process always begins with planning. I met with his team to discuss his look, style, accessories, wardrobe and a lot of other details including props, colors and […]


How to Photograph Your Dog: 6 – New Year’s Resolutions

At the end of each year, we commonly reflect on our past 12 months and look forward to the next dozen. So, how was your dog year, and what is the outlook for 2015? Did you have fun with your dog? Did your dog have fun with you? Do you have some particularly memorable photos? […]