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A Location Lighting Solution

A Motorcycle hero shot for showroom and trade show displays, and DynaLite gear from my basic kit makes this assignment go smoothly.  Click the photo to see more…

Photography Studio Equipment for Beginners – Presented by: The Slanted Lens

Photography Studio Equipment for Beginners

Basic Photography Equipment to Start Your Studio

I’ve put together three different levels of photo equipment you can purchase to start shooting to earn money. All of these assume that you already have a computer so that you can view and edit photos. The first is bare bones and utilizes only natural light using a reflector. The second is a step up with two strobes, and the third package gives you three. Each of these levels increase in modifiers and equipment as you add those lights. Let’s take a look at each one.

Product Review: Baja A6 from The slanted Lens

The Baja A6 is Dynalite’s new studio strobe. As you know, I have and love the Baja B4’s and B6’s. I take them with me on location all the time. They’re battery powered, so they’re perfect for when I’m out where power is going to be an issue. However, I also do a lot of work where having a strobe plugged in would be an advantage. That’s where the Baja A6 comes in.

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Wedding Couple Time-lapse

Today on The Slanted Lens Jay P. Morgan photographs a wedding couple on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. “We’re shooting a 2-axis Syrp Genie Mini setup and combining it with our Baja strobes from Dynalite.”
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