Peter Read Miller Sports Photography Workshop Denver

After 14 successful years, the Peter Read Miller Workshop returns again for its 15th year of the Denver Sports Photography Workshop running from April 13 – April 19, 2015. Sports photography is one of the most coveted markets in the photo industry.  As one of Sports Illustrated’s top photographers for over 30 years, Peter Read […]


David Mecey’s Ultimate Photo Workshops: Pirate Cove 3

Click Here To Register We are very excited to announce our next David Mecey’s Ultimate Photo Workshop experience! You learn, you light, you shoot! ™ Producing a workshop of real substance is a cooperative and complex process when done correctly. Which we at David Mecey’s Ultimate Photo Workshop take very seriously. As our name implies, […]


Location Lighting Workshop with Rick Friedman

To learn about portable lighting techniques that have enabled Rick Friedman to capture his on-location, award-winning imagery around the world, sign up and join in for one of his upcoming comprehensive workshops!  One of the key things that he will share in a “very hands-on way” is how to better control your lighting.  This dynamic, […]


Sports Shooter Academy Lighting Workshop 2015

The Lighting Workshop April 16-19, 2015 — Presented by the Sports Shooter Academy In this age of quick images captured by mobile phones and tablets, quality photography takes a backseat to speed, expediency and instant gratification. So what can make your images stand out? It’s the lighting stupid! The Lighting Workshop is a hands-on, educational […]


Dusk, Spotlight, Fog & Music

Recently, a post of mine shared the planning process and the initial set build for a portrait session for Atlanta musician Jeff Paige. This one deep dives into the rest of the details. Lighting Without question every photograph is all about the light. The tools available allow us to sculpt exactly the look and feel […]