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An elevated guest experience at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore's iconic hotel applies smart building technology for seamless luxury

With its elegant towers and gravity-defying cantilevered sky platform, Marina Bay Sands is an instantly recognizable feature of the Singapore skyline. Guests at this ultra-luxury hotel come here to enjoy exceptional comfort, stylish facilities, and world-class hospitality
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The hotel's staff work tirelessly to maintain a seamless luxury experience, from the harmonious décor to highly personalized services that create a memorable visit for each guest.

In this atmosphere, access to business intelligence and data to work smarter is vital. As part of a US$1 billion-dollar reinvestment program, the hotel worked with Signify to install the Interact control system paired with Dynalite controllers, sensors, gateways, and user interfaces to equip hotel staff with unparalleled insights into room conditions, system health, and historical data. With these insights, staff can support guests remotely, manage resources, and quickly detect and address any issues across this large-scale resort.

More than 100,000 light points, HVAC, and drapery are controlled seamlessly using Interact. And within the hotel's 2,500 rooms and suites, guests can access an instantly intuitive user interface to adjust lighting, air conditioning, curtains and more. By automating these features, the hotel can enjoy enhanced energy management, reducing energy consumption by an estimated 30%.