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Multifunction Sensor

Low profile recessed 360° ceiling sensor powered by the DALI network

The Philips Dynalite DUS360CR-D is a recess mountable 360 degree multifunction sensor that combines motion detection (PIR) and ambient light level detection (PE) in one device. The DUS360CR-D is powered and communicates to the networked control system via a DALI bus.

  • DALI device – Designed to operate seamlessly with the Philips Dynalite DDBC120-DALI or DDBC320-DALI controller.
  • Powered directly by the DALI network – Eliminates the need for additional network field wiring.
  • Motion detection feature – Detection of motion within a scanned area triggers a programmed lighting action.
  • Segmented click-up bezel – Surrounds the motion sensor element and enables a portion of the sensing field to be masked. This prevents nuisance detection from adjacent doorways or corridors.
  • Daylight harvesting mode – Delivers automatic energy savings.
  • Ambient light level regulation – In applications where it is critical to maintain precise light, the PE function reads ambient levels and adjusts artificial light levels accordingly.
  • Infrared receive capability – Enables sign-on identification to the networked system.
  • Corridor hold – Links corridor areas with adjacent rooms so corridor remains lit while occupancy is detected in adjacent rooms.

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