Networked Solutions


DALI Mini Training Case

Discover the power of DyNet and DALI

This compact, portable device provides a simulated single-universe DALI lighting control network for training and education purposes, incorporating an AntumbraDisplay UI, DALI sensor, and dry contact user inputs.

Integrated DyNet and DALI terminals allow the connection of additional drivers, sensors, gateways, controllers, and UIs to simulate various control scenarios.

  • DDBC120-DALI controller – Delivers the combined power of DALI and DyNet functionality to simulate real-world lighting and control scenarios.
  • Realistic floor plan – 37 embedded LEDs provide a simulation of DALI dimming control.
  • External DALI terminal – Extend the inbuilt DALI universe with additional drivers, sensors, and UIs.
  • AntumbraDisplay UI – Simulate lighting scenes and monitor temperature and light levels in real time.
  • DALI multifunction sensor – Demonstrate the power of automated systems to respond dynamically to occupancy and lighting changes.
  • DPMI940-D dry contact interface – Two configurable momentary switches provide direct control via the DALI bus.