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UI Demo Board EU

UI Demo Board

Versatile design, unrivalled functionality

The PD-UI-DemoBoard provides an easily transportable all-in-one showcase of Philips Dynalite button panel UIs and finishes.

Use the board as a basic display, or add communication and power modules for live demonstrations.

  • 3x AntumbraTouch Euro – Capacitive touch control in black, white, and silver.
  • 1x AntumbraDisplay Euro – Integrated LCD display provides system information and up to 16 pages of controls.
  • 3x AntumbraButton Euro – Two/four/six-button variants with various finishes.
  • 3x Revolution Euro – Two/four/eight-button variants with mix-and-match button and frame finishes, and RGB backlighting.
  • DUS360CR multifunction sensor – 360° motion detection, lux level monitoring, and IR control.
  • Fascia samples – See and feel our growing range of additional finishes for AntumbraButton and AntumbraDisplay
  • Button labelling examples – All UI buttons are labelled with text and icons created in the Dynalite Design Studio Online Configurator.
  • Power supply and communication modules sold separately – Add one DACM per Antumbra/Revolution and a power supply to enable live demonstrations of each device’s capabilities.
  • Configuration files available on request – Our system experts have everything you need to get your live demonstrations up and running with zero hassle. Contact your Philips Dynalite representative for more information.