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Fast and efficient lighting control system set-up

Fast and efficient lighting control system set-up

Designed with the system installer and integrator in mind, System Builder is a comprehensive platform from Philips Dynalite. This user-friendly and intuitive application sets a new benchmark for efficient lighting control system set-up.

  • New and improved set-up templates - Provides a simple and intuitive interface for access to advanced system functionality, allowing flexibility to modify, customize or create specific tasks if required.
  • Faster commissioning times - Includes a series of common device settings based on typical lighting control scenarios. Tailor to your project, save and replicate across other sites as required.
  • Virtual panel - Control any area of the system directly, run sequences and test final operations.
  • Complex functionality made simple - Manage logical grouping of lamps and other system hardware elements using simple graphical representations.
  • Maintenance made easy - Print out project floor plans with fixture details, including DALI addresses, to facilitate maintenance planning.
  • Live data details - The status of each lamp is visually represented using icons, which change color to reflect current lighting levels.
  • Monitor the whole system - Inbuilt network monitor details and logs all Philips Dynalite network traffic, as well as DALI network traffic.

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