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Philips Dynalite Touch Screen

Advanced building automation and control at your fingertips

Designed as an integral part of the Dynalite system, the PDTS offers intelligent control and direct access to scheduling, scene editing, diagnostics and local environmental sensing.

Combining Ethernet connectivity, a powerful onboard processor, and contemporary design cues from the Antumbra user interface range, the PDTS is a sleek, functional complement to any project.

  • 178 mm capacitive touchscreen - with high resolution, rich color and wide viewing angle.
  • Proximity sensor - triggers soft halo light effect to welcome user interaction.
  • Ethernet port - provides access for commissioning and file transfers.
  • Internal astronomical timeclock - enables advanced scheduling of behavior, options, and automated tasks based on time of day or sunrise/sunset.
  • Customizable graphical menus - seamless control of lighting, curtains/blinds, HVAC, A/V equipment and compatible third-party systems.
  • Built-in environmental sensors - humidity and temperature can be displayed on standby screen and communicated to third-party systems.

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