Networked Solutions


Fan Coil Unit Controller

Direct control of air conditioning

The Philips Dynalite DDFCUC is a fan coil unit controller, designed for direct connection to components commonly found in air conditioning systems.

  • 0-10 V and TRIAC valve outputs – Provided for control of hot and cold water valves.
  • 0-10 V fan output – Silent, accurate speed signal control of compatible fans.
  • 1 to 3-speed fan output – Switched control of LOW/MED/HIGH fan settings.
  • GPR (General Purpose Relay) – Provided for use with electrical heaters or power outlet switching via an external contactor.
  • Configurable inputs – For use with peripheral devices including smoke detector, motion detector, window open/close sensor, airflow detector, drip tray overflow, dirty air filter, and hot water on cold valve. Supports 0-10 V, dry contact, and 20 kΩ NTC sources.
  • Resistive or networked temperature sensors – Allows the device to use data from a local temperature sensor, or networked temperature sensor such as an Antumbra  or Revolution user interface.
  • Networkable – Can be networked with other Dynalite equipment via the onboard RS-485 DyNet port.