Networked Solutions


Preassembled UL-rated multipurpose control cabinets

A comprehensive range of lighting control solutions

This range of ready-to-deploy control solutions include a variety of Philips Dynalite DIN rail devices, installed and wired together inside a robust, wallmountable steel cabinet.

Control options include 0-10V, DALI, forward/reverse-phase dimming, and relay switching. The addition of one or more network gateway cabinets provides powerful, secure connectivity and integration capabilities.

  • Ready for immediate installationEliminate the hassle of assembling cabinets in the field and save on installation and commissioning costs.
  • Made in the USAAssembled, programmed, and tested in the factory to provide complete out-of-the-box functionality in a NEMA 1 rated enclosure.
  • Fully scalableConnect any combination of cabinets to meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects in a single networked control system.
  • 0-10V/DALI Broadcast controlUp to 24 control outputs per cabinet, individually configurable to 0-10V or DALI Broadcast.
  • DALI-2 controlUp to 3 DALI lines per cabinet with full support for addressing, tunable white, and RGBWAF*, as well as an inbuilt DALI power supply and driver power management.
  • Phase dimming controlUp to 16 forward- or reverse phase channels per cabinet.
  • Relay switching controlUp to 24 relay outputs per cabinet.
  • Modular multipurpose controlPopulate up to 8 module bays per cabinet with any combination of forward/reversephase dimming, 1-10 V, DALI Broadcast, relay switching, and motorized curtain/blind control.
  • RS-485 network gatewayConnect optically isolated network spurs and enable a range of third-party integration options including AV systems, building automation, Modbus power meters, and DMX512 lighting.
  • Ethernet gatewayEnable LAN connectivity for commissioning and system management, an integrated web server for browser-based control and monitoring, and a huge range of enhanced functionality and integration options.

    * DDBC320-DALI only.