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Power Dimmer Controllers

Park Hyatt Hotel
Sydney, Australia

Power Dimmer Controllers are ideal for lighting circuits with resistive and inductive properties, including mains voltage incandescent fittings, neon, and low voltage lamps with a compatible electronic transformer. Available in both DIN-rail and wall box configuration, Dynalite provides leading/trailing edge dimmers with a variety of circuit numbers and sizes to work individually or as part of a system, fitting any project requirement. Our dimmers have been engineered to achieve rise times of over 100μS producing reduced filament sing and reduced supply voltage noise, resulting in extended lamp life. They are compatible with electronic transformers, requiring less de-rating, therefore allowing full channel capacity to be utilized.

Our LED PWM Controller is capable of directly driving LED fittings using Pulse Width Modulation to great effect. The controller is ready to receive native DMX, making it perfectly suited to Red, Green, Blue (RGB) elegant scene settings, color mixing or chase sequence applications.