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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Philips Dynalite Software Suite delivers powerful functionality with time saving and user-friendly features to ensure success throughout the life of a project. This fully integrated end-to-end solution delivers advanced lighting control commissioning and management.

Philips Dynalite System Builder revolutionizes how lighting control systems are delivered with all Philips Dynalite features and functions at your fingertips. All configurations can be tailored for your project, saved and replicated across other sites as needed. Icon driven menus, wizards, pre-programmed templates and settings enable you to bring lighting control systems online sooner.

Philips Dynalite System Manager enables central control of the entire lighting system, delivering industry leading levels of control, monitoring and maintenance. Philips Dynalite System Manager is designed to meet the needs and expectations of both building users and facilities managers by providing insights into the way a lighting system is operating to  maximize user comfort and optimize energy efficiency.

The Philips Dynalite Mobile Apps deliver unprecedented levels of choice and control into the hands of the end-user. The Philips Dynalite Self-configuring Mobile App comfortably exceeds most clients’ smart-home control requirements, while customers who want a unique and finely tuned, bespoke user interface can turn to Philips Dynalite Customizable Mobile App.