Networked Solutions


Multizone Control System

Flexible all-in-one lighting control solution

The Philips Dynalite PDRAS brings energy management, occupancy detection, daylight harvesting, and code-compliance for multizone spaces, with simple, intuitive controls and optional ethernet connectivity for plug-and-play installation.

The PDRAS uses the latest generation of Dynalite hardware, preprogrammed and configured in our factory to work seamlessly together. Simple plenum installation with pluggable user interfaces and sensors ensures industry-leading performance right out of the box.

  • Single-box solution – Assembled, programmed, and tested in the factory to provide complete out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Multizone support – Each control system can manage up to five separate zones in single- or dual-room applications.
  • Networked multifunction sensor – Reduce installation complexity and ceiling/plenum clutter with combined occupancy and light level (lux) detection.
  • Optional networked PIR and ultrasonic sensors – Expand your system's occupancy detection footprint with up to three extra PIR sensors and/or one long-range ultrasonic sensor per room. Sensors communicate with each other so that their combined occupancy status determines the system response.
  • Integrated daylight harvesting – Multifunction sensors micro-adjust lighting levels to meet energy management regulations without disrupting occupant comfort.
  • Stations with large buttons and simple labelling – Ensures straightforward operation for non-technical users.
  • UL924 input – Integrates seamlessly with compatible emergency systems.
  • Direct-drive relays – Isolate power to lighting groups and wall outlets to eliminate standby power consumption.
  • Software-selectable 1-10V / DALI control – Although factory-set for 1-10V, each control channel can be individually configured for DALI operation using Dynalite's System Builder commissioning software on a connected PC or laptop.
  • Ethernet connectivity* – Enables network access to the school LAN for centralized monitoring and management.

* Future provision for -E variants only, not enabled at release.